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An amnesia show that differs from the norm.
kfo949417 May 2014
Usually when an episode resorts to an amnesia show it means that the writers have given up and are just trying to push another show through the tube. A person falls, loses their memory and the show is a slow motion travel till the last few minutes when the memory returns. But for some reason this plot is the exception to the rule of poor amnesia shows. Perhaps it was the quick thirty minute format but it seemed to never lost interest or slow to a crawl. A nice watch.

Lucas is wounded by an outlaw named George Vale and in doing so loses his memory. Mr Vale trades horses and guns with Lucas and people believe that Lucas is the outlaw when he rides into a town off the trail. Now some people of the town want to lynch the famous outlaw without checking his true identity. Mark pleads for his father's life as the townsfolk prepare for a neck-tie party.

A surprisingly well done show.
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Memory games
gordonl5624 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
THE RIFLEMAN –Outlaw's Shoes - 1962

This is the 141st episode from the 1958 to 1963 western series, THE RIFLEMAN. Over the course of 168 episodes we follow the life of Lucas McCain and his son, Mark. They have moved to the small western town of North Fork where they hope to start a new life. Chuck Connors headlines the series with Johnny Crawford as his son. Connors is a world class hand with a Winchester rifle which of course ends up getting him in no end of trouble.

Chuck Connors and his son, Johnny Crawford, are riding to another trail town to do some business with an old rancher friend, Roy Barcroft. A pair of wanted outlaw types ambush Connors and wound him in the head. The one man, Mel Carter, belts up Connors with a flashy set of six-guns. They figure that who ever finds Connors will see the distinctive weapons and notify the law. They hope this action will throw off the Law.

Connors is soon picked up and taken into town to see the local doc, Stanley Adams. Adams cleans and binds the head wound. Connors though has no memory of how he was hurt. Everyone around takes one look at his six-guns, then takes off. They all know the fancy pistols belong to a famous gunman.

Soon Connors is grabbed up by a lynch mob and is about to be strung up when son Crawford and the local rancher, Barcroft show. The mix-up is cleared up when the real gunman, Mel Carter rides in. Lead flies and Carter eats dirt. Connor's memory comes back and everything is returned to normal.

This is a better episode than my mish-mash of a review makes it sound like.
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