"Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" Robert Culp, Flip Wilson, The First Edition, Leo G. Carroll, Sheldon Leonard, Tommy Smothers (TV Episode 1968) Poster

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This third ep of "Laugh-In" wasn't as funny as the first two
tavm12 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't find myself laughing as much on this "Laugh-In" ep as the first two. Robert Culp is the main guest star and he's often in an embrace with Judy Carne who takes a while before recognizing him. Musical guest is The First Edition in another filmed video of them wandering in a room with some animal heads on walls. Yes, Kenny Rogers is among them and the song that plays is "Just Dropped In". Oh, and Arte's Wolfgang character is also in that video. There's some skits about smoking that probably wouldn't pass muster today. Oh, also Tom Smothers makes some witty jokes here and there. One more thing, Culp's producer boss-Sheldon Leonard-from "I Spy" makes his second guest appearance on the show but he doesn't share any scenes with him. Like I said, not as funny as the first two eps, but this was still a pretty amusing "Laugh-In" one.
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Making Out With Judy Carne
DKosty12312 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The format of Laugh-In is still evolving here. Robert Culp who was doing "I Spy" with Bill Cosby at the time, guests here and spends most of the hour in an embrace with Judy Carne (the Sock-It-To-Me) girl. While Goldie Hawn has not yet arrived, this show is coming along towards the format that would make it number 1 in the ratings for a few weeks.

There are more guest cameos in this one and those cameos are what helped grow it's success. Finally, music again as The First Edition (with Kenny Rogers before he became famous on his own) do the hit song "Just Dropped In" on this one. 2 episodes in a row a top 20 song has been on the show.

Tommy Smothers, Leo G. Carroll, Jack Lemmon, and Tiny Tim make cameos on the TV show that during it's run might still hold a record for the most Cameos. The elevator gag, which has been on since the pilot episode is here again.
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