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  • Now that Sailor V, otherwise known as Sailor Venus, has joined the team, all the Sailor Guardians are finally together! Meanwhile, Zoisite has discovered that Tuxedo Mask is actually Mamoru Chiba and challenges him to a showdown for possession of the Rainbow Crystals.


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  • The new Sailor Scout, Sailor Venus, is also schoolgirl named Mina. Zoycite, forbidden by Queen Beryl to kill Tuxedo Mask, challenges him to duel for the Rainbow Crystals. Serena sees Darien walking toward the star tower and starts to taunt him, but after he is nice to her she gets suspicious and follows him. When they are close to the tower Zoycite helps them along in their journey and brings them directly to her. Darien and Zoycite both put their crystals in the center of the room and Zoycites boyfriend appears and takes the crystals before the match setting Darien off. Zoycite disappears and tries to kill Darien and Serina, but they get to the elevator and they start heading to the roof where Zoycite is waiting. Unfortunately, Zoycite tries to kill them with fire so Serina has to transform in front of Darien into Sailor Moon and after they are safe Darien reveals his identity also. Zoycite taunts Darien into wanting to continue with the fight and promises a fair fight but stabs him in the back with a crystal spear. Serina is so upset she starts to cry and that tear turns into the Imperium silver crystal from the seven rainbow crystals and the Moon Princess is reveaed as Serina.

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