"Scarecrow and Mrs. King" The First Time (TV Episode 1983) Poster

Bruce Boxleitner: Lee Stetson


  • Lee : No, no. Lookout! Pedal! No, not that pedal!

    Amanda : I don't know which pedal.

    Lee : [Looking at Amanda]  What are you wearing?

    Amanda : What do you care?

  • Lee : I don't want to put your family in any further danger.

    Amanda : And what about me?

    Lee : Champagne?

  • Amanda : How did you find me?

    Lee : We have our ways.

    Amanda : I thought only spies and Nazis said that.

    Lee : Well, I'm not a Nazi...

  • Amanda : Isn't this where you people meet? Dark, secluded places?

    Lee : Only when we're wearing our trench coats.

  • Amanda : [attempting to fly a helicopter]  How am I doing?

    Lee : [keeping his eyes screwed shut]  You're doing just fine!

    Amanda : Open your eyes!

  • Dirk Fredericks : And now you tell me we might've had a clue to this thing but our quarter back here fumbles the ball.

    assistant : Excuse me. Uh, Mr. Stetson, I thought you'd want to know they just located Special Agent Guthrie.

    Lee : The quarter back just recovered the ball.

    Dirk Fredericks : [Cut to morgue]  That is your ball carrier?

    Lee : They were after me. I handed off to him, he was to go in for the touch down; why are we talking like this?

  • Lee : I want that package.

    Amanda : Good. I don't.

    Lee : I'll come to your house.

    Amanda : You certainly will not... I'll send it to you. Where do you live?

    Lee : I can't tell you that.

    Amanda : Good. Good-bye.

    Lee : Now wait. Hold it, stop. I have to see you.

    Amanda : No. Are you going to let go of my car?

    Lee : No. Here, take my card.

    [Puts business card under wiper blade] 

    Lee : [to the back of the car as Amanda drives off]  Call me.

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