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  • Brandt's continuing grief over losing his wife leads him to drink heavily, to Kessler's concern. He develops a crush on Monique. While Alain has to hide two airmen, a neighbouring farmer finds an injured German fighter pilot on his land. He turns out to be one of Germany's leading airmen, flying a prototype night fighter unknown to the Allies. Max is dispatched to sketch it, and the British wish to capture the German airman for his information. Max suggests that he and the Communists transport the airman to the French coast, where he might be picked up by a British motor launch in exchange for weapons. Albert now has information confirming Max's involvement in François's death, and arranges for Max to be killed, along with his comrades.



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  • While Bertrand Lecau is harbouring two British airmen, his daughter brings home a badly wounded German pilot. Alain takes in the English airmen and it is soon clear that the German pilot is important, as is his new fighter plane. Albert is asked to send the wounded German down the line, which is problematic but Max, unaware that he is now strongly suspected at the Candide following Francois' death, agrees to help, in return for arms which he intends to supply to his Communist friends. While Max is away, Albert receives proof of his guilt from Inspector Delon, who arranges for the Germans to ambush Max and the Communists, all of whom are killed.

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