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Burying our sins
MaxBorg8917 May 2008
Simlarly to the previous entry of the season, Unidentified Black Males, Cold Cuts is quite controlled regarding the violent shock factor, preferring to focus on character development while preparing for the emotional roller-coaster that's about to come.

It starts with Johnny Sack stealing from Tony and then accusing him of protecting the murderous Tony B. (true, but still). In an attempt to take his mind off the stress, the boss sends his cousin and Christopher to dig up a few bodies which need to be transferred if they want to avoid jail time. Also going through a stressful situation is Janice, whom Bobby threatens with divorce unless she takes care of her foul attitude, a fact Tony can't resist mocking when he has dinner with them.

The whole point of Cold Cuts is showcasing the complexity of the bonds that form between certain characters: the main attraction is of course Tony's dealings with Janice, which have consistently been contradictory to say the least, and Aida Turturro pulls off a wonderful job keeping the darker sides of the role under control; but it's the scenes shared by Imperioli and Buscemi that have that little extra something, partly because of the great chemistry between the two actors, partly because their story arc "resurrects" a plot element from the very first season - remember Emil Kolar, the guy Chris killed in the pilot episode and then relocated in Episode 8? Well, it's a case of "same sh*t, different day", apparently.
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smcmanaman-174129 August 2019
Perfect. Yes editing is not very good. But scenario and ending scene is wonderful.
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a few jars up there..
Arth_Joshi16 October 2018
The Sopranos

A classic take on the most beloved genre which clearly suggests the crazy love it received from the audience but also left a long lasting impression on critics and awards shows where it took away five justified Golden Globes to its home. The Sopranos is a character driven series about a family that basically runs the whole town, just illegally.

The writing is adaptive, gripping and ground-breaking on terms of its structure that is so eerily easy as it slips away from the audience like some jelly; it is sweet, nutritious and immensely pleasing. It is rich on technical aspects like its metaphorical cinematography, sharp sound effects and up beating songs along with palpable background score. The series is shot beautifully, each and every color sparks up neatly; especially the visuals that are taken in sunny days are amazing.

The performance by the cast is plausible since the effort is clearly visible but Gandolfini, Bracco, Falco and Imperioli stands alone due to their easiness in their acts. Gandolfini; at the heart of it, oozes power and the aegis nature which is what helps makers keep the audience rooting for the character.

The relationship between Gandolfini and Bracco is the highlight of the series due its fragile tone which is soothing to experience as it lights up the series in a whole new way. Pragmatic conversations, three dimensional character, gut-wrenching politics, brawny dialogues and brilliant execution are the high points of the feature that makes it one of the best series.

Season 05

The fifth act brings back the family drama and a bit mature ethereal morale conflicts that is sort of surprising and brilliant of them to pull it off considering the higher and lethal stakes that it usually fiddles with and it also joins in the previous threats and newer characters.

Cold Cuts

Not often do we encounter a chapter end on a conversation, and since the series aces on delivery highly intense ones that build up itself has enough crisp to keep the interest alive on its bubble.
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Bad editing..!!!
turboStkfNg17 June 2019
Around 31:30 When it cuts from Carmela to the fishing pond. What is this cheap editing? It felt so bad and whoever was responsible should've gotten fired.
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Cold Cuts (#5.10)
ComedyFan201022 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Janice is getting angry at a kid's soccer game and has a big fight which gets her arrested. Tony is mad because his name is all over the news relating to the incident. Bobby tells her to take anger management classes. And Cris goes with Tony B. to relocate some bodies to hide from the police.

The Janice part was pretty funny. Especially with Tony watching the incident on the news hearing his name and getting a bit impatient. Him getting her mad at the end of the episode was great as well.

The body relocation scenes were pretty good as well. Very dark and setting the mood.
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