"Star Trek: The Original Series" This Side of Paradise (TV Episode 1967) Poster

Frank Overton: Elias Sandoval



  • Capt. Kirk : My orders are to remove all the colonists and that's exactly what I intend to do, with or without your help.

    Elias Sandoval : Without, I should think.

    Dr. McCoy : [after Elias walks off]  Would you like to use a butterfly net on him, Jim?

  • Elias Sandoval : Well, Doctor, I've been thinking about what sort of work I could assign you to.

    McCoy : [annoyed]  What do you mean "what sort of work"? I'm a doctor!

    Elias Sandoval : Not anymore, of course. We don't need you, not as a doctor.

    McCoy : [stands up]  Oh, no? Would you like to see just how fast I can put you in a hospital?

    Elias Sandoval : I am the leader of this colony. I'll assign you to whatever work I think is suitable!

    [begins to walk away] 

    McCoy : Just a minute!

    [grabs Sandoval] 

    McCoy : Better make me a mechanic! Then I can treat little tin gods like you!

    McCoy : [swings at McCoy - McCoy blocks and punches Sandoval in the stomach. Sandoval doubles over and falls to the ground]  Sorry, Sandoval. I don't know what made me do that.

    Elias Sandoval : [Sandoval is now free of the spore influence as is McCoy. Sandoval realizes finally what has happened]  We've done nothing here. No accomplishments, no progress. Three years wasted. We wanted to make this planet a garden!

    McCoy : You can't stay here. You can't survive without the spores. After you've cleared at the starbase, you could be relocated. It depends on what you want.

    Elias Sandoval : I think I'd... I think WE'D like to get some work done, the work we started out to do.

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