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  • The Enterprise investigates a planet whose colonists should be dead, but are not.

  • The Enterprise is ordered to clean up the aftermath of a doomed colony on Omicron Ceti III, a planet under constant irradiation from deadly Berthold Rays. Upon arrival, however, the colonists aren't only alive but in perfect health, with no desire to leave their new world. They are in fact under the influence of plant spores which not only keep them in good and improved health but simultaneously keep them in a placid state of happiness and contentment. Mr Spock reacquaints with Leila Kalomi, an old friend who had been (and still is) in love with him. She leads Spock into being affected by the spores, and he is thereafter, for the first time, able to express love for her in return. Eventually the entire ship's crew is affected, leaving Kirk alone to wonder how he can possibly rescue them from perpetual bliss.

  • Kirk and the Enterprise arrive at Omicron Seti 3 on a rescue mission for the 150 settlers there. The planet has been bombarded for three years by cosmic rays and they do not expect to find anyone alive. To their surprise however, they find a thriving community along with its leader Elias Sandoval. They do note that with the exception of the colonists, there is no other animal life on the planet. Spock re-acquaints himself with biologist Leila Kalomi, who is clearly in love with him. She soon introduces Spock to what has been keeping them alive all of this time. It also has a profound effect on his personality.


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  • Leila Kalomi is a botanist. (This is someone who specializes in the science of plants).

    Many years ago she met Mr Spock and fell in love with him, but he was a Vulcan, and could not feel love for her. So they parted.

    Now, guess what? The Enterprise is sent to Omicron Ceti III, because the planet has been bombarded with rays and everyone is surely dead, including animals and women. There was a scientific team down there. But when they beam down, someone yells at them. It is Elias Sandoval, a very smart scientist from Earth. "What the hell?" Kirk says. "How is he alive"?

    They are all alive, but not animals. How? Then Leila comes into the room where Kirk is meeting with Sandoval.. Spock sees her and is surprised. Leila says "Let's go for a walk." She looks so happy. They go out to the fields.

    Sandoval is explaining to Kirk that they don't want to leave because they are happy. Kirk says "Damn all, you must leave. It is orders."

    So now Leila is with Mr Spock and she shows him plants called "The Spores". The Spores have always been on Omicron Ceti III. When they shoot their seeds in your face, you become happy forever. When the spores shoot at Mr Spock, he begins to choke. Leila is upset. She cries. "It's not supposed to hurt." Spock is in awful pain. "I am not like you. I am Vulcan. I am not supposed to be happy."

    Finally he stops choking and he looks up at the sky and smiles a big smile. What the hell? Then he looks at Leila. He says "You are beautiful. More beautiful than any dream of love I ever imagined." She smiles. Now they can kiss and have fun.

    Meanwhile, Kirk is upset because Mr Spock is not answering his communicator. Finally he comes to the field with Sulu and DeSalle and sees Spock playing in a tree. What the hell? He says "Mr Spock, you did not answer the communicator." Spock says "I didn't want to, Jim. Here, let me show you," He brings all three to the spores, and they shoot, but they miss Kirk. But Sulu and DeSalle become happy. Kirk says "I will stop this."

    But now McCoy is infected and beams spores up to the Enterprise. Kirk beams up and sees that everyone is lining up to beam down. He stops a crewman who is a rebel. I order you to go back to your post. The crewman says "No." Kirk says "This is mutiny, Mister." The crewman gives him a look and says "Yes sir, it is."

    Now Kirk is alone on the ship. If he leaves the ship will crash out of orbit. A spore plant that was hidden behind the console, suddenly explodes on him. He smiles. He calls Mr Spock on the communicator. "I belong now, he says. I'm coming down." Spock, his best friend, smiles "Good. See you at the beamdown point."

    Kirk goes to his cabin to get his things. He picks up a container with three medals and snaps it shut. He is mad that he is abandoning his ship. As he sets the controls to beam down and abandon the Enterprise, he slams his fist three times. "I ... Won't ... Go." then he shakes. He expelled the spores from his body.

    Now he has to think. Angry emotion gets rid of the spores. He calls Spock. "Mr Spock, we can't come back later, so could you help me carry some things?" Spock says ok and beams up. Kirk has a big pipe in his hands, but Spock is very strong. LOOK OUT. Spock is standing there and Kirk says "You half-breed. You have the nerve to love that girl!! You belong in the circus, by the dog faced boy."

    Spock swings a punch, Kirk ducks, Spock is about to kill Kirk, then the spores are expelled. Kirk talks to him like a friend, but Spock is sad that he can't be in love. But back to work. Spock creates a buzzer in the airwaves that will make everyone angry and expel the spores. Leila asks on the communicator can she see him. He says ok, but she knows as soon as she kisses him he is not the same. She cries "I love you Mr Spock. What is your first name?" he says "You couldn't pronounce it."

    Now everyone on the planet gets angry and fights, even the fancy scientist, and they are all saved from the spores. Wow.

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