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  • Sue and the rest of the team are shocked when Sue's long time informant Troy is arrested for robbing a convenience store. Darcy informs Bobby of a new job offer she's received in California that will force her to move, if she takes it and Myles's recent jaw injury is giving the rest of the team a break while Myles remains silent for five days.


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  • Myles (Ted Atherton) is in agony due to torn jaw cartilage and is unable to speak for 5 days - he however forgets this and tries to talk fusing his jaw open so Dimitrius (Marc Gomes) orders Lucy (Enuka Okuma) to take Myles to the dentist and the dentist sedates him. Meanwhile, Troy (Troy Kotsur) is arrested for robbing a store and Jack (Yannick Bisson) and Sue (Deanne Bray) try to help as they are sure he didn't do it although it turns out he knows and inadvertently helped the guy who did - who happens knows about a kidnapping that's being investigated. Lucy makes Myles her slave when he can't remember what he did under the affects of the sedative. Whilst all this is going on Bobby (Rick Peters) is having relationship problems and breaks up with Darcy (Polly Shannon) and consequently takes Tara (Tara Samuel) to a formal dinner he has to attend as he knows Tara likes the group that is playing.

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