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Second entry in "Tate" TV series almost as good as first
morrisonhimself30 June 2019
Fascinating juxtaposition of characters helps make this second entry in the "Tate" series awfully good. Credit goes to director Ida Lupino, writer Harry Julian Fink, and another extraordinary cast.

William Tennant is tightly wound as his character is ready to explode; Peggy Ann Garner is also rather intense as the "saloon girl"; and veteran Vaughn Taylor is the calm and resigned bartender -- and each and every one is captivating.

David McLean shows again why he was such a permanent fixture in Hollywood, playing the strong, decent character around whom the action revolves.

Apparently there are only 11 more entries in this series, a truly adult Western without being vulgar or cynical. I intend to see them all and I recommend this series.
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Tate's Fast Gun
danilbruce29 May 2019
Tate rides into town after gunning a bountied man down and has to wait in the saloon to get a bounty from an angry Sheriff. In the saloon, he must deal with young man wanting to become prove himself and a young lady wanting to leave town. Directed by Ida Lupino. A fair episode shot mostly inside a quiet saloon with a few angry and tense confrontations.
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