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  • Tate is searching for a war criminal guilty of a heinous act, but in the town he lives in now, Frank Turner is a beloved and respected citizen. The townspeople won't let Tate take him without a fight.


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  • Tate is riding along when he is shot at by someone running along a ridge with a rifle. Tate jumps of horse seeking cover and shooting back. The ambusher is hit, tumbles down the hill dead and is found to be a woman by Tate. He puts her over her horse and rides to town. Townfolk trickle out to see that it is Ginny (Patty Desautels). They threaten that Frank Turner. Ginny's husband, will come to see to Ginny's burial and imply that he will kill Tate. Tate gets room #3 at the hotel and is warned by clerk (Bill Mims) to clear out. Turns out Tate has been after Frank Turner for a long time. Tate goes to his room, pulls a ragged doll out of his saddle bag and sets it on the chest of drawers. Someone throws a rock through his window, he looks out but only sees the crowd of townfolk. The clerk comes to the room with towel and advises where to eat and who might be lurking for him. Tate goes to the saloon full of people staring at him. Ragan (Paul Richards) comes to Tate's table figuring out he is Tate looking for Frank Turner and makes a plea to leave Frank alone. Tate orders food but is served "dish water" and is threatened by someone who Tate punches up a bit. As Tate is leaving he asks if anyone wants to know why he is searching for Turner but they are all pretty loyal to Frank and don't care. Tate gets food back at hotel from hotel clerk and finds his way to the church to see the minister. He opens the church door to find Melany (Wendy Winkelman) playing the organ. He shows her how to overcome some rough spots in her organ playing and corrects her grammar and they seem to quickly bond. He finds out that Melany is Ginny's sister and he leaves. He finds out that Frank is now back and at the hotel. He enters the hotel and Ragan follows him in trying to convince Tate to leave town. We find that Frank, while on the Confederate side during the war 6 years ago, set fire to a house where a little girl died and her paralyzed father is paying for Tate to get Frank. Ragan has a showdown with Tate and winds up dead. Tates goes up the stairs to his own room where Frank is waiting for him. The previously mentioned doll is bandied about a bit and one can see that Frank is feeling guilty. Next scene Tate and Frank are saddling up to head out when the hotel clerk advises someone is inside hotel to see him. It is Melany and she seems to be taking the fact that Tate killed her sister pretty well. She forgives him, they say their goodbyes, and Tate goes outside to saddle up and slowly ride out of town with Frank. The End. When we look at the credits there is no mention of who Frank Turner is.

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