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  • When a dangerous alien drug hurts one of Jess' friends, Mel and Cole's investigation leads them to a group of the alien fugitives.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • The opening of the episode moves from a dark alleyway into a club where dance music is playing. Inside a man is apparently squirting something into a woman's eyes. At a table we see Jess with two friends, one in a black belly-shirt, the other in a red top.

    We learn that Belly-shirt learned about the club from a man she met on the Boardwalk, who works for the owner. He gave her a pass, and a pen. The pen, according to Belly-shirt, is meant to make sure you have a good time. Both the assistant (a young, handsome bottle-blonde) and the owner (a man in his fifties) are shown. Both men are wearing dark glasses, as are a good number of the other patrons.

    The three women are accosted by a boorish man wanting to dance. He is hustled off by the owner, and the assistant gives the girls three pens "on the house". He then moves off, and Belly-shirt proceeds to use the pen to squeeze a drop of green liquid into her right eye. She proclaims it "the best high in town" , and points out that everyone in the club is doing it. (Which most people are.)

    Outside the club, the owner beats up the boor using super-human strength and agility. Removing his glasses we see that his eyes look distinctly non-human.


    In Cole's room at the Watchfire we see that Cole's collection of custom electronics has grown, and become more organized. As he works under a desk Mel comes in with an old television she found in the basement. She has also bought him a cell phone, and briefly describes what it is and how to use it.

    Cole brings up a picture of a train, and Mel manages to tell him what it is. Cole realizes that the escapees boarded a train, which is why he was drawn to the train tracks in the last episode. He explains to Mel that in prison, the escapees' lifeforce was reduced and rationed out to them. After their escape they needed lifeforce quickly to replace what was lost, and to get it they would take human hosts. Using human lifeforce is the reason that the escapees' speech is much more advanced than Cole's.

    Between his computers, and a return visit to the tracks, Cole finds the train station the escapees would have arrived at, and which train they would have used. At the station he determines that an ATM camera may have captured photographs of the escapees' hosts, and so he steals the videodisc with the footage.

    At the Watchfire, Jess asks Mel for some aspirin, as her head is still splitting from her visit to the club the night before. Mel goes to ridiculous lengths to prevent Jess from going into Cole's room to look for some. When Jess brings up how odd Cole is, and asks what he does all day, Mel lies and says that he's an undercover agent.

    Mel then goes to Cole's room to discuss Jess and her questions, and Cole gets her to help with the videodisc. Looking through the footage, Cole spots Zin, but the view is then obscured by a woman using the ATM.

    Mel finally gets to bring up the reason for her visit: she needs a story to tell Jess, to explain Cole to her. Cole comments that Jess looks at him "like food", and Mel says that Jess is hot for Cole. Cole then asks if Mel is "hot for" him. Mel attempts to explain that while she likes Cole she isn't "hot for" him. The look on Cole's face shows that he doesn't really understand, but he just lets it drop.

    In a parking lot that night Jess and her two friends are walking to another club. The one who wore the belly-shirt the night before, who we learn is named Mandy, pauses to drop another drop from a pen in her eye. She shows signs of absolute ecstacy before collapsing in front of the other two.

    In Cole's room Mel enters. Her attempt at conversation is interrupted when she spots the silver platter with spheres from the previous episode. On top of it is the silver device Cole used to end the fight with Rhee. Cole explains that the silver device takes lifeforces from prisoners and then stores them in the spheres. Each sphere is a cell.

    Mel is not happy about the notion of keeping dangerous alien prisoners in those tiny balls, but Cole explains that his plan is to take them back to Sartop, a prison on a moon in the Mygar system. The Mygar system has six planets, one of which is Cole's home planet, Cirron. Cole explained that he was a guard at Sartop to make sure that Rhee stayed, and Mel learns that Rhee killed Cole's wife and daughter. After this revelation Mel decides her conversation with Cole can wait, and bids him goodnight.

    At the club where Mandy got the pens, the assistant hands the owner a videophone, telling him it's Zin. The owner, Kaden, takes the call and Zin asks him "What do you thing you're doing?" and explains that a girl is in the hospital from the drug. Zin says that he was under the impression that the club was for "(their) kind only" and asks why humans were allowed in. Kaden replies that humans will buy feckman (the drug) faster than they can produce it.

    Zin is unimpressed, and declares human involvement a risk to their mission. He orders Kaden to clear them out of the club.

    At the Watchfire Jess comes in late, having spent the night at the hospital with Mandy. Although Mandy had a heart attack, she is expected to make a full recovery. As Jess is explaining to Mel about the drug, Cole wanders in. He takes an immediate interest, and asks Jess where her friend got the drug.

    Mel takes Cole to the location of the club, and the Cole talks about feckman, which was a drug used on Sartop. At the warehouse which housed the club, Cole uses his powers to take the door off the hinges. Inside, the whole place has been cleared out, but Cole can detect that many of the escapees had been there. They also find a pen with the drug.

    Back at his room Cole uses his equipment to analyze the drug in the pen, and determines that it is nearly identical to feckman. He also determines that after a few exposures the drug will block the heart of any human.

    When Mel asks who's selling it, Cole mentions that only one escapee can make it, an Inixian named Kaden. Inix is on the far side of the Mygar system, and Inixians have enhanced senses to compensate for the weaker light. Using his sensors Cole manages to find the feckman drug lab from traces of the powdered form of the drug created in the initial stages.

    Downstairs in the Watchfire, Det. Vic Bruno has stopped by to bring Jess down to the station for questioning about Mandy's experience and the drug dealer from the club. Cole doesn't stay, but announces "Cell phone", apparently to tell Mel that he'll call her later. Vic also insists that Mel accompany them "for a few questions."

    Outside the Watchfire, Cole collides with a woman who is rushing to fill the meter before a parking enforcement officer gives her a ticket. While the woman tries to talk the officer into waiting a moment, Cole uses his abilities to make the electronic meter think money has been entered. In gratitude the woman, an attractive blonde, offers to buy Cole a drink sometime. Cole concludes, out loud, that she "is hot for [him]". It appears that he's correct, because although the moment is awkward, the woman asks for his phone number. Cole proceeds to show her the number that Mel attached to his brand new cell phone. Thanking him again, she leaves, and Cole continues on his way to find the drug lab.

    At the station, the questions that Vic has are about Cole, not about the case. While establishing that Cole and Mel are not living together, in the co-habitation sense, Mel is nonetheless irritated by Vic's questions. After she asks Vic for a change of topic, Vic then asks if she's dating anyone.

    On the street near the lab, Cole encounters a drug dealer. His inexperience with the language leads the dealer to believe Cole is looking for crystal meth, and then to drop the price when Cole walks away. At this point Cole's cell phone rings, and he demonstrates his complete lack of knowledge of how to use it. The puzzled dealer takes off when a yellow sports car with two men shows up. Cole ducks out of sight to watch the new arrivals; judging from their dark glasses they are more Inixians. After the two go inside Cole climbs the brick wall of the building bare-handed to get to the roof. He then moves to a skylight and sees the two squirting feckman into their eyes.

    The scene inside the building shifts to show Kaden. Once again he's handed a video phone, where Zin is waiting to berate him. Zin is unhappy that Jess is at the police station giving testimony. Kaden tells Zin that he'll have Vax take care of it. Zin warns that if the matter is note cleaned up, he'll consider it Kaden's error. After the conversation ends, Zin is shown nodding to a man, who nods back. Obviously a pre-arranged plan is being put in motion.

    On the rooftop Cole makes the mistake of putting too much of his weight on the skylight. Crashing through, he lands on a table in the room below. Within seconds he's attacked. One Inixian accidentally kills another during the battle. Cole uses a modified flashlight to interrogate the remaining Inixian. (The bright light causes the Inixian severe pain.) He gets Kaden's whereabouts from him, and then takes the Inixian's life force with his collector.

    At the station Jess finishes up with the sketch artist. The result is a good likeness of Kaden. Vic says good-bye to Mel, saying it was good to talk with her. Jess, coming in on the end of this, tells Mel she should make a list comparing Vic to Cole to help make up her mind. Mel refuses, but Jess just makes one for her as the two walk to Mel's car. Jess has just reached the important "how are they in bed" question when Vax, Kaden's assistant, confronts them. Remembering Cole telling her of how sensitive Inixian senses are, Mel puts her car-alarm keychain up against the man's ear and sets it off. The noise is enough to drive Vax to his knees, and the two women escape.

    Back on the streets, Cole has arrived at the location given up by the Inixian. His cell phone rings, and Cole tries desperately to shut it off before another Inixian hears it. By sheer chance he gets it to open, accepting the call. He assumes that it's the woman from the parking meter, TIffany. It's not Tiffany, but Mel... who is extremely puzzled as to who this Tiffany is. Mel is upset, and Cole picks up on it, although she denies it when he asks her about it. Mel asks about Cole's whereabouts and plans, and tells him about the confrontation with Vax. Before she can ask about Kaden the cell phone cuts out.

    Mel arrives at the club location, begging Cole to take out Kaden so that feckman doesn't get into the human population. Cole is reluctant, because he would prefer to monitor the club and follow the escapees home. Cole also mentions that he can't go into the club, because Zin knows what he looks like and will have told others. Mel insists however, and Cole comes up with another plan.

    Mel distracts the doorman by pretending to be mugged, and takes his picture as Cole grabs him. Cole extract's the doorman's life-force, and then uses the picture to change his shape to resemble the doorman. Once inside the club, Cole persuades Kaden that Zin is outside in his car, using the bad cell phone reception in the area as a reason. The ruse almost works, but maintaining the shape proves too difficult and when Kaden stops to talk to a customer, Cole reverts to back to being Cole.

    Kaden recognizes him immediately and makes a great show of how nice it is to see Cole again. We learn that Cole's real name is Dagon. Kaden gloats that it must be something to be surrounded by so many former inmates. Cole agrees that there are many of them, and one of him, and he pulls out his collector. All of the inmates recognize the device, and obviously fear it. He informs the crowd that some of them will go before him, and that the process is very painful. Kaden decides to make a break for it. Activating his hyper-speed, Cole catches him easily and extracts his life force. Kaden's screams lend credence to Cole's "extremely painful" claims. Pointing the collector at various people, Cole manages to make his way to the door before the crowd charges. Leaping off the small set of stairs leading down from the door, Cole lands on top of Mel's waiting car. As the car drives off, chased by an angry crowd of escapees, Cole's cell phone rings. Answering it, he informs Tiffany that "No, it's not a bad time to call."

    Back at the Watchfire Jess is getting off the phone with Mandy, who is out of intensive care. At this point the door opens and Tiffany arrives. Mel informs her the bar is closed, but Tiffany mentions that she's there to pick up Cole, whom she met yesterday. With this bit of info Mel deduces her identity... and doesn't look terribly pleased. Cole then arrives downstairs, dressed for a date. Tiffany ushers him out the door as Cole shows off some new human knowledge ("A beemer is a car" "Lucas is a director"). The last line is Tiffany saying "I love sci-fi, don't you?"

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