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  • Major Briggs reappears with a strange symbol on his neck and a shocking story to tell. Unhinged, Ben Horne re-enacts the Civil War. Hank faces Ed. Leo makes a move. Denise, Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman arrange a trap for Jean Renault.

  • Following Major Briggs mysterious reappearance, Cooper and Truman are frustrated as they question him to learn his whereabouts during his absence. At the same time, Cooper assists Bryson and Truman with setting up Ernie Niles to arrest Jean Renault and Mountie King at the Dead Dog Farm house. But the sting goes bad due to Niles' nervousness in which a standoff ensues. Cooper then trades himself for Bryson and Niles and is held at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Hank finally discovers the romantic relationship between Norma and Big Ed, in which he attempts to beat up Ed, but gets attacked and pulverized by the super-strong Nadine. At the Great Northern Hotel, Audrey sees Ben slipping further into insanity by reenacting the Civil War in his office and thinking that he's General Robert E. Lee. Audrey asks Bobby for help with her father's condition. Mike Nelson continues being persuaded by Nadine. Dick Tremayne persuades Andy to help him look up the past of Little Nicky. At the Marsh estate, James continues romancing Evelyn under her husband's nose. Also, Bobby has another argument with Shelly about taking care of the catatonic Leo, who does not remain that for long.


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  • Cooper and Truman arrange a trap for Jean Renault; Deputy Andy and Dick Tremayne pry into little Nicky's past; a visit from an old lover interrupts Ben Horne, who's busy changing history at the Battle of Gettysburg; James Hurley succumbs to Evelyn Marsh's plea for help; Nadine Hurley uses her superhuman strength to rescue Ed; and Cooper's nemesis, Windom Earle, makes a horrifying opening move.

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