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  • Coop falls for Norma's sister and new waitress, the cute, reclusive ex-nun, Annie. Truman grieves over Josie's unexplained death. Earle visits Donna. Ben's fashion show set up to promote his "Save the Pine Weasel" cause ends in disaster.

  • Truman is suffering from grief in the wake of Josie's unexplained death, and confines himself to the Bookhouse, drinking heavily. Cooper is forced to take over as temporary sheriff of Twin Peaks, and has Deputy Hawk help him follow more clues to Windom Earle's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Ben Horne plans to put on a charity event fashion show at the Great Northern in support of the endangered pine weasel, with financing from Wheeler and Dick Tremayne as the MC, who disdains help from Tim Pinkle. Audrey continues flirting with Wheeler while Andy tries to get back together with Lucy. Major Briggs and Margaret the Log Lady discover that they have the same mysterious markings on their bodies. Norma's younger sister, Annie Blackburn, arrives in town and reveals that she's left the convent where she was living for the past five years since age 17, and claims that she's ready to face the world. Windom Earle reads the newspaper of Cooper's latest chess moves, and becomes angry after immediately figuring out that Cooper is getting help. In the wake of Thomas Eckardt's murder, his sinister and energetic assistant, Ms. Jones, puts his final plan of revenge into motion, first by delivering a mysterious box to Catherine, and later targets Truman. In disguise, Windom Earle individually contacts Donna, Shelly, and Audrey to chat with them about the mysterious poem that he sent them. Also, Mike Nelson and Nadine finally decide to consummate their growing romance by checking into the Great Northern Hotel as a married couple.


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  • Cooper is attracted to the beautiful, reclusive young Annie Blackburn; Truman falls to pieces grieving over the death of Josie Packard; Donna Hayward receives a macabre family visitor; Audrey Horne falls in love; Nadine Hurley and Mike Nelson check into the Great Northern Hotel; and Ben Horne hosts an environmental benefit.

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