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Missionaries to the Yaquis
bkoganbing24 August 2017
One has to wonder if Dolores Hart ever realized that this episode of The Virginian would be her final acting role. If it was it is certainly in keeping with the life she chose for the remainder of her life as a nun.

She was the next closest thing to a nun, Hart, Amzie Strickland, and Jeanette Nolan play missionaries of some unnamed Protestant denomination who have traveled to old Mexico to be missionaries to the Yaqui Indians.

Traveling on the same train is The Virginian and James Drury is delivering a prize breeding bull. But rather than a little R&R Drury agrees to guide the women into Yaqui country.

Thus is the story, the close calls they have, the fact that Drury falls for Hart and tries to dissuade her from the life. But she's unshakable. All three of the women are widows whose husbands were killed on the same mission and they've made a vow to finish.

Best scene is when they run into Joe DeSantis a bandit chief. His reason for letting them go is quite interesting and not all that noble.

For Dolores Hart's farewell performance see this episode.
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