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Seeing A Young Dyan Cannon Highlights This Episode
ccthemovieman-12 November 2007
Josh wanders into some town, sees an interesting poster advertising, "Bartolo," a Houdini- like escape artist who is going to perform some stunt. The picture of the man looks familiar to Josh, who gets out a wanted poster from his back pocket and compares it. Sure enough, with a little less hair and mustache, it's the same man: Bart McCready, wanted for murder. Lawrence Dobkin plays that man. He had a fine career on television, acting in tons of excellent shows for decades. He played "Dutch Schultz" on three episodes of "The Untouchables" as well as hundreds of other characters.

"Bartolo" has a great scam going. While he entertains the town folks, including the sheriff, on the outside of town, his partners are robbing the bank!

"Bartolo" also has a hot daughter: played by a young Dyan Cannon who was about 21 or 22 years of age and only in her second year of acting. She spelled her first name the conventional way here: "Diane." She had done a few other television shows prior to this episode. Actually, she actually looked prettier 10-15 years later with the long curly hair but she still was attractive, especially in the skimpy outfit she was wearing as her father's assistant in his escape-artist act.

Anyway, McQueen has to go to a number of lengths - including being shot and beaten - to get this guy and the episode, as a whole, was very good, and original. That's one of the many things I liked about this series: the storied varied quite a bit.
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