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A nail-biting, tense episode of this modern classic
DVD_Connoisseur24 February 2008
When Tyler and Hunt become an intrinsic part of a hostage situation, the seconds tick away to what could be Sam's last moments in both the past and future.

This is an excellent, tense episode with a gritty edge and fine performances from all concerned. I was especially pleased to see the always gorgeous Ruth Millar appear in this episode as Hunt's nemesis, Jackie Queen. I've been a fan of Millar since the prematurely-axed "North Square". As one of the small screen's most beautiful actresses, I'm amazed we don't see more of this talented lady.

Lee Ross makes another appearance as the unlikeable Litton, leading to a clash of personalities with Hunt.

Unmissable drama - 8 out of 10.
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All good fun
studioAT23 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
While not the best episode of the series an average episode of 'Life on Mars' is still better than most other telly there is out there.

Full of suspense and pace filled dialogue this series is great fun and fuelled by a great central performance from John Simm.

It is of course Gene Hunt that has all the best lines though, and only he could be saved from being shot by a hip flask.

A nice mid series episode.
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