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Complex life and death issues
bkoganbing12 October 2014
Some complex life and death issues are dealt with in this Criminal Intent program involving the death of someone who broke into a storage facility for old medical records from a late obstetrician.

The question for Vincent Donofrio and Kathryn Erbe in this episode is exactly what the motive was for the death of the victim. It revolves around a wrongful life suit for a young woman played by Alison Pill who has spina bifida and is confined to a wheelchair. She's a smart young woman, but who will need lifetime care for her condition. They used to live well in Manhattan, but now live in reduced circumstances in Queens Village. Her main caregiver is her brother Jonathan Tucker. A simple test by an obstetrician done while the mother was pregnant would have told her that her daughter would have had that condition and she might have chosen an abortion.

I can't say more other than the perpetrator had some long term planning involved. Nice performance by Alison Pill as the person all this action swirls around.
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Spina bifida
CeccacciPaolo197720 September 2017
A drunken widow (Talia Balsam) spends his time sipping wine in bed instead of taking care of her daughter, confined to a wheelchair, who need assistance all day long. Anyway, she's lucky to live off supportive brother who took the place of her deceased father in looking after her. During the episode we found out the only reason the pitiless mother started a family is related to money and the marriage was a shotgun wedding. What to do when you realize money dried up due to bad investments? Since she sees her kids just like a burden, she sets up a scam, a lawsuit to be back on track, regardless of the consequence on her family members.

I'm shocked to see there are still doctors like Dr. Mckenna (Jack Davidson), who misinformed patients due to his religious beliefs: "In God's hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind"
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Propaganda for the so-called pro-choice movement
jnmil323 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Stick to detective stories and leave Dick Wolf's so-called pro-choice opinions out of the story. Why is it the LAW AND ORDER shows always portray pro-lifers as Christians with mental defects, as they did the original obstetrician? Why is it the lives of the handicapped are considered 'a woman's choice', and, if such a person lives, it's not a worthwhile life and should not have been allowed to come into existence? Kathryn Erbe's lighting into this character for the condition of the now adult spina bifida baby was a complete turn-off. It's propaganda like this and the total discrediting of individuals who feel otherwise that has turned me off to these shows.
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