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  • Following her sister's death from drug addiction, a high school student is forced to leave her private school to return to her old, crime-filled neighborhood where she re-kindles an unlikely passion for the competitive world of step dancing.

  • Unable to afford the tuition needed to fund her private school education, Rayanna or Raya (Rutina Wesley) returns to her family home in the city while reluctantly re-evaluating her future. Upon learning that the top prize for an upcoming step-dancing competition is $50,000, Raya uses her impressive moves to earn a coveted slot in her good friend Bishop's (Dwain Murphy) predominantly male JSJ crew. Isolated from the local females due to jealousy and separated from her fellow dancers by gender, the ambitious dancer is subsequently kicked-off the team for showing off during a preliminary competition. Now, if Raya has any hope of realizing her medical school dreams, she will have to either earn back Bishop's trust or organize her own dance crew and start over from scratch. In the end, she eventually learns "how she move".


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  • This is what happens in the movie beginning to end:

    After the death of Raya Green's(Rutina Wesley) sister, she gets out from her classes at school, and sees a stomp crew practicing. She meets Bishop(Dwain Murphy) which is the dance crew leader. She then meets Michelle and does a stomp battle with her. They become enemies then friends later on. Her uptight mom pushes her to pass the test to get into Medical school, but she thinks she failed and will not go. Michelle tells her about the Stomp Monster competition to win money to get into medical school. To pay for the tuition, she needs to join a dance crew to go to the Stomp Monster competition to win $50,000. She asks Bishop if she can join his stomp crew but the other crew members doubt her stomping skills. He gives her a spot in the crew and lets her rehearsal with them. When they stomp at first, they suck and seem to have bited off Fem Fatal(Michelle's stomp crew). Bishop gets angry and kicks Raya out of the crew. To apologize for making them look bad, she gives the money from the locket of her dead sister so that Bishop's crew can go on to the stomp competition. At first Bishop rejects her, not the money, Michelle changes his mind and goes after Raya to tell her that she is in the crew again. The mother receives a letter from the medical school and goes to find Raya at the Stomp Monster competition to tell her she passed the test and got a 92. On Day 2 of the stomp competition, they win the title and $50,000.

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