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"I'm Satan! I did it and I'm proud!"
ericstevenson28 June 2016
This was one of the strangest episodes of the show ever made. I was really surprised by one of the segments, which was actually kind of scary. They just showed close ups of a skeleton and the clock. Yeah, I know it was meant to be like the movie, but it was still weird. I was also really surprised by how they ended the movie after three parts and then showed the short afterwards! Well, it was in the show's early seasons, so maybe they didn't have much to establish with. I still loved this episode, as always. I did have some complaints which is why it doesn't have the full rating. What happened to Tom Servo's head? Was it something in a previous episode that I missed? And hey, they never got to read a letter! Us fans deserved it!

But this is still hilarious in every sense of the word. It helps that there are so many things in the movie to make fun of. At the same time, the movie itself is deadly boring. I laughed out loud at, "You keep shoving dead bodies into class" followed by "And eating them!'. A great one liner was, "Hi, I'm Satan. I'll show what happens when you make hanky-panky before sex!". I loved, "I've got a brother! And a sister!" followed by "And they're inside me!". I love Crow mocking the Comedy Channel. It's weird to think Comedy Central was ever called that. ***1/2
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