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28 Jun. 2005
Mød Snoop Dogg på The Voice TV
Today in Planet Voice, are we taken on a shopping trip and gets to meet _Snoop Dogg_. The hottest rapper of the time, have just published his own cloth style "Doggy Bisquit". An The Voice TV where participating in the presentation in Copenhagen.
27 Sep. 2005
Planet Voice møder James Blunt
He's at the top of The Voice TV Top 20. Now you can meet the man behind "You're Beautiful".
5 Oct. 2005
Se Nikolaj Lie Kaas i Planet Voice
You know from a lots of huge blockbuster hits as Flickering Lights (2000), Old Men in New Cars: In China They Eat Dogs II (2002) and The Sun King (2005). A now a new film with famous Danish actor _Nikolaj Lie Kaas_ is soon coming up.
6 Oct. 2005
På job med Jokeren
Planet Voice is in when _Jesper Dahl_ alias Jokeren shots the new music video to his hit "Rastløs".
28 Oct. 2005
På den røde løber med Planet Voice
The Voice TV joined the stars of the new _Tim Burton (I)_ animation epic, Corpse Bride (2005), for its UK premiere on Monday night the 17th October.
9 Nov. 2005
Casper Christensen & Iben Hjejle i Planet Voice
Meet one of Denmark's funniest couples in the media business.
11 Nov. 2005
Shakira på The Voice TV
Maybe you saw her at the Nordic Music Awards 2005 (2005). Now you will meet her in Planet Voice.
21 Nov. 2005
Planet Potter
Planet Voice where participating at the premiere of new movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005).
26 Dec. 2005
2. juledag
A huge earthquake struck Pakistan and parts of India and Afghanistan Saturday morning, October 8, 2005, and Planet Voice is having an "all eyes on" subject of the miserable disaster.
9 Jan. 2006
Eminem på The Voice TV
The Real Slim Shady master rapper of "Lose Yourself" is indeed ready to take over Planet Voice.
19 Jan. 2006
Thure Lindhardt på The Voice TV
Meet the young popular Danish actor Thure Lindhardt, when Planet Voice checks out, how you do voice to a cartoon.
23 Jan. 2006
Planet Hypnose
High skilled hypnotist _Jacob Strachotta_ known from the game show "Hypnosens magt" (2006) produced by Metronome Productions is active with a new DVD realise named "Røgfri - en gang for alle".
25 Jan. 2006
Vild med dans??
Believe it or not. Actor _Kim Bodnia_ has started a dancing school. Planet Voice is going to figure out what that really is all about.
26 Jan. 2006
Med Madonna på arbejde
The Voice TV where at the London locations, while popular pop dancing singer Madonna (I), where doing shots to her new music video, "Hung Up", directed by Swedish musician _Johan Renck_.
13 Feb. 2006
Mød Anden i Planet Voice
The actor comedian Anders Matthesen from Terkel in Trouble (2004) is active with the single "FAQ" and a new album. Meet him at The Voice TV.
20 Feb. 2006
Filmer med L.O.C.
Ditte Campion is in, when the new L.O.C. music video is shooting, starring young actor Thure Lindhardt in the lead role.
24 Feb. 2006
Elhøj's Morgenkomplot på The Voice TV
You hear them in the radio every single morning. Now you also get the chance to watch them, when the 3 insane morning hosts, crashes The Voice TV studio.
7 Mar. 2006
Med Jokeren på job
Planet Voice's _Rico Corneliussen_, is on filming location at _Jesper Dahl_ alias Jokeren's new music video "Godt Taget", which is the weeks most popular video on The Voice TV.
16 Mar. 2006
Westside Story
Planet Voice visits Westside Story crew at Østre Gasværk and meets among others, Sonny and Szhirley.
29 Apr. 2006
På job med Ufo Yepha
The boys are active with a new video and you can follow them at the set with Planet Voice.
12 May 2006
Ali Kazim på The Voice TV
Planet Voice's Rico Corneliussen meets the actor, and now also rapper Ali Kazim who've made The Voice Choice hit, "Spørgsmål".
15 May 2006
Planet Trendy
Follow Planet Voice's Ditte Campion and famous fashion designer Jim Lyngvild at a huge fashion release party.
17 May 2006
Spild af tid
"Spild af tid" (Waste of time), that's the title of Anden's new single and The Voice TV are in while shooting the new music video.
20 Jun. 2006
Ali Kazim på The Voice TV #2
Meet the popular famous Danish rapper and actor Ali Kazim in Planet voice.
14 Jul. 2006
Snoop Dogg på the Voice TV
This Friday afternoon Planet Voice has a visit of a special guest. The famous American rapper Cordozar Calvin Broadus, better known as _Snoop Dogg_, newest hit, "Buttons" features the girl band _The Pussycat Dolls_, is at the program. And if that is not satisfying enough, we're also going for a closer look at the new Danish rapper Antonio Spirovski (Y-not) interviewed live by Planet Voice's _Stine Ternstrøm_ in Spain.
9 Aug. 2006
Ufo Yepha i Planet Voice
The Voice reports from Århus in Jutland, and takes on a sightseeing with the popular rappers, Kristian Humaidan (UFO) and Jeppe Bruun Wahlstrøm, with Nat Ill.
16 Aug. 2006
The Voice TV 2 Års Fødselsdag
The Voice Tv are having a little 2 years birthday party going on.
18 Aug. 2006
Var du i Skanderborg?
Follow The Voice TV Ditte Camprion at Denmarks wettest festival.
21 Aug. 2006
For fan'
This Monday, Planet Voice is about "fans" - the famous peoples opinion of their own - and who they are fans of.
22 Aug. 2006
Simon Kvamm i Planet Voice
Planet Voice's _Ditte Campion_, has cached-up with two of the members of the famous Danish pop/rock band Nephew. The guitarist _Kristian Riis_, and of course the front singer _Simon Kvamm_, known for a lot of comedy programs/shows as Go' røv & go' weekend (2003) (segment 'Rockerne'), and "Drengene fra Angora" (2004), with his crazy characters Baune, Ryan and Pim de Keysergracht. In the Planet Voice studio, Mikkel is on a vacation, and Stine is associated by The Voice TV's _Pink_ (2005), stylist, hair designer and make-up artist _Victor Moreno_.
28 Aug. 2006
Ulrich Thomsen i Planet Voice
The new Danish movie comedy, Clash of Egos (2006) directed by _Tomas Villum Jensen_ and written by _Anders Thomas Jensen_ are premiering this week. In this Mondays Planet Voice you get to meet popular actor, _Ulrich Thomsen_ starring in the lead role.
1 Sep. 2006
Planet Voice leger med de kendte
This weeks "playing theme" takes it's ending with a little chat about playing with, Jokeren, among others.
5 Sep. 2006
Mød Darin i Planet Voice
You know him from The Voice TV & the radio, and you saw him live at The Voice '06 in Tivoli. Now you get to meet _Darin Zanyar_ in Planet Voice.
8 Sep. 2006
Anden på the Voice TV
His plays the lead role in a new Danish feature movie premiering this day. You know him from _"Jul på Vesterbro" (2003) TV Series_ and Terkel in Trouble (2004). Meet _Anders Matthesen_.
11 Sep. 2006
5 stand up'ere & 1 balletdanser
5 of Denmark's greatest stand up'ers, _Omar Marzouk_ (Omars jul (2005), Geo(I) (_"Zulu bingo"(2003) TV Series_), _Jacob Tingleff_ (_"Vildeste westen, Det" (2005)_), _Michael Schøt_ (Gintbergs store aften - hver aften (2005)) and _Tobias Dybvad_ (Stand-up.dk (1997)) including (maybe) biggest ballet dancer and choreographer of all time _Alexander Kølpin_ (Showtime (2005)) are in preparations for a new teatre performance named "Ordet er mit" (The word is mine) on Bellevue Teatret. Planet Voice's _Rico Corneliussen_, chat a little with all of them. But when Rico starts out talking with the most insane (and the best actor - in _Jacob Tingleff_'s opinion) of the...
13 Sep. 2006
Kan du danse?
Follow Planet Voice to casting at the new Reality TV-program "Kan du danse?". Better known as the Danish version of "So You Think You Can Dance" (2005).
19 Dec. 2006
DM i Stand-Up
Meet some of Denmark's best stand-up'ers, Lars Hjortshøj, Thomas Hartmann and the female stand-upper Mette Frobenius, at "DM in stand-up" - Denmark's annual stand-up competition.
3 Jan. 2007
Eragon galla
Wednesday night the new American action, adventure, fantasy movie Eragon (2006) is receiving its first Danish full dress premiere.
4 Jan. 2007
The Voice Christmas Party
The Voice TV cameras was spinning around The Voice Christmas Party. UFO Yepha also joined the party of course.
9 Jan. 2007
Akon i Planet Voice
Meet the American superstar Akon on The Voice TV. He just made the hit "Smack That", with USA's best rapper Eminem, and is still rollin' the ball, like a runaway train.
10 Jan. 2007
Planet Voice på shopping med Gry Bay
The january salary (it rhymes) is around all over the place. So The Voice TV is having their chance to catch the sex photomodel actor Gry Bay, in the huge shopping jungle.
11 Jan. 2007
L.O.C. & Ataf på The Voice TV
Planet Voice is having a "beef-theme" in this week, and it's time to send in the experts. _Liam O'Connor_ alias L.O.C. and Ataf Khawaja.
17 Jan. 2007
Planet Voice på udsalgsshopping
Follow Planet Voice's _Rico Corneliussen_ and famous fashion designer _Jim Lyngvild_ at a huge fashion shopping trip.
18 Jan. 2007
Råzone-pigerne i Planet Voice
Meet the "young" girls _Julie Ølgaard_ and _Laura Christensen_ in Planet Voice Thirsday. You know them from Midsummer (2003) and Life Hits (2006). Now they both slammed together in the new Danish DR series, named The Killing (2007).
22 Jan. 2007
Se hvordan P. Diddy & Christina Aguilera videoen blev til
The 2 world stars _Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs_ and _Christina Aguilera_ is currently hitting on the music charts and The Voice with "Tell me". This day, you're having a inside look of how the music video to the track was made. The video for "Tell Me", was shot during the last week of September in Los Angeles and was directed by _Erik White_.
23 Jan. 2007
Robert Hansen i Planet Voice
He is currently active in the new movie Anja & Viktor - Flaming Love (2007). Meet Robert Hansen, who plays the main character as Viktor in the movie, in this Tuesday viewing of Planet Voice.
25 Jan. 2007
Fergie, Rihanna & T-Pain i Planet Voice
Meet one of the most famous Planet Voice's stars in this daily episode of Planet Voice. The guests includes _Faheem Najm_ alias T-Pain, _Stacy Ferguson_ better known as Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas and the young dancing queen _Rihanna_
2 Feb. 2007
Sofie Lassen-Kalkhe i Planet Voice
She is currently active in the new movie Anja & Viktor - Flaming Love (2007). Meet Sofie Lassen-Kahlke, who plays the main character as Anja in the movie, in this Friday viewing of Planet Voice.