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The Frightening Truth About Steven Seagal's Career

Steven Seagal has made only one horror movie to date, and that was 2009's Against the Dark, in which he had a cameo that found him beating off vampires. Yet, here at Dread Central we've been known to cover the world of the bizarre and the paranormal. You're about to learn something about Seagal that is beyond bizarre...

Did you ever notice the strangest thing about Seagal movie titles is that they tell a story in order of their release? No? Check IMDb if you don't believe. Sit back, dear reader, and allow me to take you on a strange trip filled with action, madmen, and revenge.

Steven Seagal was Above The Law, but he was too Hard To Kill so now he's been Marked For Death by Jamaicans who are Out For Justice. Can he live while Under Siege and On Deadly Ground? Could you survive while Under Siege
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10 wrongfully convicted action movie heroes

Odd List Ryan Lambie Jan 16, 2013

When it comes to action movie heroes, the time doesn't always fit the crime. We look at a few characters who faced wrongful imprisonment...

"Everyone in here is innocent, you know that," Morgan Freeman's character says in The Shawshank Redemption. If a prison were populated with heroes from action movies, that statement would be absolutely true. Looking back over the last quarter century of genre flicks, it soon becomes apparent that if an action protagonist goes to prison, it's usually for a crime he (or she) didn't  commit.

This is probably because most action stars don't want to play convicted murderers (a trend bucked by Vin Diesel in Pitch Black), though as the list below proves, there's at least one macho actor who seems to like films which involve being sent to jail in dubious circumstances. What follows isn't an exhaustive list, but it at least illustrates that,
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Karen David Interview - Part Two

Karen David Interview - Part Two
I recently had a chat with actress and singer Karen David to hear about her role as Waterloo Road's Francesca Montoya, who's currently having a secret relationship with pupil Jonah Kirby. If you haven't seen it already, click here to read the first part of our interview with Karen, which focuses on all things Cesca and Jonah. Away from Waterloo Road, however, Karen has already appeared in films The Colour of Magic, Scorpion King 2 and Flight of Fury, while she currently has more acting roles and an intriguing new music project in the pipeline. Here, in part two of the interview, Karen chats more about Waterloo Road and what she has in store for the future. Along with Lucien, who plays Jonah, is there anyone else who you particularly enjoyed working with at Waterloo Road?

"Oh, I'm so spoiled for choice (more)
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It's Seagal vs. Vamps in Against the Dark

You see now This ... this is what I'm talking about! Never mind the comeback movies of Stallone or even Jcvd ... When Steven Seagal makes his comeback he's gonna be kicking the shit out of vampires! Can I get an Amen?!?

Sony Pictures' upcoming release of Against the Dark (formerly called Last Night) will find Seagal amidst all manner of toothy mayhem.

From the official synopsis:

"Katana master Tao (Steven Seagal) leads a special ops squad of ex-military vigilantes on a massacre mission, their target: vampires. On the post apocalyptic globe, sucked dry by bloodthirsty vampires, a few remaining survivors are trapped in an infected hospital. Tao is their only hope and he knows the only cure is execution. Now it’s time for the last stand against the flesh-eating vampires and there’s nothing left to lose but the last of humanity."

The DVD will feature one featurette entitled "Fighting
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