"House" No Reason (TV Episode 2006) Poster

(TV Series)


Omar Epps: Dr. Eric Foreman


  • [first lines] 

    Dr. Gregory House : He's got a temperature of 103.

    Dr. Eric Foreman : And why do we care?

    Dr. Gregory House : Because we're human beings. It's what we do.

  • Dr. Eric Foreman : [at House's hospital bed]  Test was negative.

    Dr. Allison Cameron : No trash against the fence.

    [looks at his papers] 

    Dr. Allison Cameron : Is your leg really better?

    Dr. Gregory House : [distracted]  Don't worry. I'm sure something else is wrong.

    Dr. Robert Chase : We did find blood.

    [House looks up and eyes Chase] 

    Dr. Gregory House : On which side?

    Dr. Robert Chase : [walking around]  The wrong side.

    Dr. Gregory House : First thing that makes sense.

    Dr. Robert Chase : The wrong side's the wrong side. It can't make sense.

    Dr. Allison Cameron : It'd mess with his brain. Wouldn't cause fever.

    [eyes Moriarty] 

    Dr. Allison Cameron : He's been sleeping a lot lately.

    Dr. Gregory House : [looks up at her]  You worried? I marked a change of meds on his chart.


    Dr. Gregory House : Foreign object. Body wants to get rid of it. It causes the fever.

    Dr. Allison Cameron : [in monotone disbelief]  Blood's a foreign object?

    Dr. Eric Foreman : In the brain lining, it is. Blood dyscrasia means cancer.

    Dr. Gregory House : Find it.

    Dr. Allison Cameron : All the tests...

    Dr. Gregory House : Have been negative! What do you do if your trash cans are full? You use your neighbor's trash cans. Except it's still light outside. Your neighbor will see you. So you go out the back way, into an alley and drop off your trash by their garage.

    Dr. Robert Chase : We'll check the lymphatic system in the chest.

    [turns and starts walking] 

    Dr. Gregory House : [looks at him astonished]  You got that from trash cans in the alley?

    Dr. Robert Chase : [stops to speak]  The saliva glands from the tongue are connected to the lymphatic system in the lungs. It's the next lymphatic system over.

    Dr. Gregory House : [scans the team]  Yeah. Go get lung lymph.

    [Everyone leaves] 

    Jack Moriarty : [woken up]  How did he know that?

    Dr. Gregory House : I wouldn't have hired him if he wasn't smart.

    Jack Moriarty : Right. Because you have nothing but respect for him. Maybe he knew the answer because the question wasn't nearly as tricky as you thought.

    [House considers this] 

    Jack Moriarty : Maybe he's not getting smarter. You're getting dumber.

    [cut to a surgery; back to Moriarty and a fake sleeping House] 

    Jack Moriarty : You pretend to buck the system. Pretend to be a rebel. You claim to hate rules. But all you do is substitute your own rules for society's and it's a nice, simple rule. Tell the blunt, honest truth in the starkest, darkest way and what will be will be. What will be should be. And everyone else is a coward, but you're wrong. It's not cowardly to not call someone an idiot. People aren't tactful or polite just because it's nice. They do it because they've got an ounce of humility. Because they know that they will make mistakes and they know that their actions have consequences and they know that those consequences are their fault. Why do you want so bad not to be human, House?

    [Cameron and Foreman come back in] 

    Jack Moriarty : Oh, he's awake.

    Dr. Allison Cameron : House, we need to talk to you.

    Dr. Gregory House : [eyes still closed]  How the hell did you know I was awake?

    Jack Moriarty : Your nostrils flare when you sleep.

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