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Lisa Edelstein: Dr. Lisa Cuddy


  • Dr. Lisa Cuddy : [enters Exam Room One where Cuddy is with a patient]  Working!

    Dr. Gregory House : We need to talk.

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : [turns to face him]  Get back to the ICU! Who uncuffed you?

    Dr. Gregory House : [holding his surgical papers]  Why would a surgeon administer Ketamine?

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : [hesitates for a bit]  Who showed you your surgical file?

    Dr. Gregory House : How do you know it's mine?

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : Because your patient hasn't had surgery and you don't care about anybody else.

    Dr. Gregory House : My anesthesia was almost nonexistent

    [raises his eyebrows] 

    Dr. Gregory House : and yet I wasn't awake. For some reason, somebody decided to put me in a dissociative coma instead of just putting me out.

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : There are plenty of reasons to use...

    Dr. Gregory House : Fine. I'll go beat the truth out of my surgeon.


    Dr. Gregory House : Gillick, right?

    [turns to leave; Cuddy watches him go and observes him walking down the hallway, sans the cane assisting him; sentimental music plays as he walks] 

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : [still staring emotionally]  It worked.

    [House turns shocked and confused] 

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : There's a clinic in Germany. They've been treating chronic pain by inducing comas and letting the mind basically reboot itself. There's about a 50% chance your pain will come back, which of course means there is a 50% chance that it won't.

    Dr. Gregory House : [slowly turns to anger and walks toward her]  You had no right...

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : To heal you?

    Dr. Gregory House : You messed with my brain!

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : [angry]  Why are you so upset? Are you experiencing any neurological symptoms? Dizziness? Tremors? Hallucinations?

    Dr. Gregory House : No.

    [mouth twitches] 

    Dr. Gregory House : It's a point of principle.

    [turns to leave] 

  • Dr. Lisa Cuddy : Next time you get shot, I promise to only treat the bullet wounds.

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