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Less boring physics stuff--more about the people.
MartinHafer5 June 2013
This is a TV special about the little-known first wife of Albert Einstein. Apparently, she was only discovered in Einstein's writings in the 1980s--until then, she was a forgotten bit of history. Because of this, there is limited information about her and what they've learned was hidden among Einstein's archive. This story attempts to reconstruct their relationship (which is very interesting) and then says MAYBE she was instrumental in helping him with his famous theory of relativity. While she, too, was a physicist, the show really provides no proof of this--but it keeps saying 'what if'--though I found this to be a bit of a waste of time unless they had SOME proof. Still, it is interesting to learn about this little-known woman.

What I didn't like was that sometimes the show talked a lot about physics--and this part of the show really slowed it down and made the show boring--at least to me. I think physicists and engineers would find this interesting--most others would not. In hindsight, I really think they should have focused much more on their lives instead of the technical. Mildly interesting--but only mildly.
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