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DVD/Blu-ray Recommendation: “The Last Exorcism”

“A surprisingly invigorating horror film.” The Last Exorcism

Directed by Daniel Stamm

Thanks to its wicked humor and unexpected smarts, The Last Exorcism sets itself apart from many recent attempts at faux-documentaries. In the film, documentary filmmakers follow a disillusioned preacher who hopes to expose the danger exorcism poses in the modern age. He attempts to reveal the ignorance and superstition that fuels its resurgence, as well as the threat posed to the “possessed” individuals. Ultimately, the possibility of the victim dying is not worth the price of satiating a medieval mindset.

The film begins on a comic note, presenting the outrageous theatrics of Preacher Cotton Marcus. The comedy in this section is very broad, and there is a brief sense that the film is simply taking cheap shots at Christianity. However, as the film delves deeper into Cotton’s past, most notably his experiences as a “child preacher” and the birth of his son,
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