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Adam Campbell: Peter Pervertsky



  • Peter : Badonkadonk.

  • Peter : Tomorrow we fight. So tonight... we party!

  • Peter : [while urinating in the snow]  Look! Nicole Richie!

    [camera shows a stick figure with hair] 

  • Peter : [From unrated version] 

    [as Superman, Peter is shot in the eye by a thug] 

    Peter : Oh my god! You shot me in the fucking eye! Oh, that really hurt! Why would you do that? That was so unneccesary!

    [backs up and falls off of roof] 

  • Peter : I want flabby grandma arms!

  • Peter : [Talking about the frozen White Bitch]  We will create a democratic society, and give her a fair trail, and...

    Captain Jack Swallows : [Jack Swallows come rolling by on the wodden wheel and runs over the Bitch] 

    [In the distance] 

    Captain Jack Swallows : Take that, Bitch!

    Peter : [pauses]  Ah, screw her anyways.

  • Peter : We have something the White Bitch doesn't.

    Lucy : Perky breasts?

  • Peter : Monobrow! Monobrow!

    [clapping excitably] 

    Peter : King wants a monobrow!

  • Peter : We may not have the numbers on our side or the weapons she possesses, but we have something far more powerful.

    Lucy : Perky breasts?

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