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Jerry Ferrara: Turtle



  • Eric Murphy : Tradition... when we were kids, we'd hit A.C., we put 5 bucks on red. We win, we knew it'd be a good weekend.

    Ari Gold : What if you lose?

    Turtle : Vince never loses.

    Vincent Chase : Five on red.

    Turtle : Come on!

    Roulette Dealer : Red 16.

    Vincent Chase : It's gonna be a good weekend.

  • Vincent Chase : So, what you're saying is that we should go.

    Eric Murphy : Have I ever said "no" to Vegas?

    Turtle : Be like saying "no" to a blowjob.

  • Eric Murphy : Hey, jerkoff. You signed him up to judge a stripper contest.

    Turtle : Really? Titties?

    Eric Murphy : It's a stripper contest.

    Turtle : Nice.

  • Turtle : Should have partnered with me, Ari. I'm up twelve hundred. I get up to two grand, I'm keeping it stashed to buy me a high class ho.

    Vincent Chase : But Turtle, I already gave you ten.

    Turtle : I only pay for pussy with profits.

  • Turtle : Wait 'til you see dinner. I got ten of the best strippers in town joining us tonight.

    Johnny "Drama" Chase : Strippers, why?

    Turtle : Now shouldn't it be "Strippers, how?" and "Thank you?"

    Vincent Chase : Thank you.

  • Turtle : Yeah, you're really entering your latter years gracefully.

    [Johnny Drama walks in wearing a robe] 

    Eric Murphy : Speaking of latter years...

  • Vincent Chase : Look, E. I don't want to rile you up, but I've done the list thing.

    Turtle : What, did you hand over a hard drive, Vin?

  • Turtle : First the commission, now this? This is like Christmas.

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