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Small town, big bang.
BlackTaterTotallyBlue23 December 2010
It's a great series that deserved more of a fighting chance. It's easy to understand the many ardent fans of the show, but hard to understand Jericho's failure to attract more viewers than it did. The show is engaging, to the point of being dangerously addicting and whatever it lacks (see below), that's more than made up for by a consistently inventive story expansion. The show moves seamlessly from the original premise of 'USA - post nuke' into much unexpected territory. There's some filler episodes, but barely a bum one. What hampers the series is that odd but inevitable 'dated' feeling that almost all network dramas fail to shake, even the minute they arrive on our screens. Dramas like this just can't live up to the HBO/AMC cannon because of the demands on them to, eg: appeal to a large audience and produce 22-ish episodes per series - it can be simply backbreaking. One can't help but imagine how much better this show could have been with a studio like HBO behind it. It certainly deserves more care, with which it might have not been cancelled. Nevertheless, the fact one can imagine Jericho's greater potential is a credit to the strength of both the inventive writing, the smart political commentary and the many well-drawn characters which shine through occasional soft-focus, feel-good, pre-watershed moments of schmaltz and sentimentality. Those moments are thankfully few, but there's enough to make you wish there were less. The cast are all very capable, particularly Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James and Gerald McRaney who lend the show its gravitas. Bring it back! 4/5
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Survival and Political based Drama worth watching and researching the source of
Blackbird013-11 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There are so many things that can be said about Jericho. It is fantasy drama based on U.S. foreign policy and corporate corruption in the government. It brilliantly brings atrocities committed by Blackwater in Iraq into the spotlight by bringing the issue home to the United States and showing "ravenwood" abusing U.S. citizens in the same way. Parallels and caricatures showing the actions of corrupt government, corporations, and individuals who have helped destroy United States Liberties and civil rights.

Jericho isn't light, and it isn't comfortable. It brings to light real life issues in a way that could make many blind followers of the military or military action very uncomfortable. The first season shows people struggling to survive after a tragedy and breakdown of modern society. The second season progresses showing how they are abused and subjugated by the new government formed by the very internal terrorists that destroyed the old one.

The show is well done and keeps your attention. Unlike mindless drama shows the characters her grow and learn allowing resolution and understanding. It's definitely something not truly meant for kids to see, but worthwhile for anyone old enough to understand politics, world issues, and the dangers of war and military being used for profit, control, and the enslavement of the people by supported corporations. In other words the show brings the real ugly face of government and corporate corruption to life using a fictional world representing traditional American culture being destroyed by in house corruption.
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Jericho, a refreshing step up in quality
Linda_S2 April 2008
So often I lament the passing of quality broadcast commercial television and then something new, challenging, such as Jericho shows up.

I think it is certainly timely in light of threats from without and perhaps even within our nation.

I was concerned that the 2nd season was not going to measure up as the first episode was rather shaky but it picked up and ended with a bang.

I am glad that CBS brought it back for a finale.

Casting was excellent and I am still astonished at the quality of the writing and plotting. Just so well done.
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Very entertaining so far
froggiefan26 October 2006
I have watched faithfully each week so far and am thoroughly enjoying the show. It is probably my third favorite right now behind Lost and Heroes. The premise of the show is fascinating and thrilling. Very unique. I was excited from the moment I saw the first preview - and so far I haven't been let down. Is it realistic? No probably not. Is is predictable? Yeah, pretty much. But it's a TV show. What TV show is 100% realistic? Viewers are meant to let go of reality and absorb themselves in the fictional world for an hour once per week. It has great character development (who is good and who is bad?). It has mystery. Romance. Action. For those who watch and then hack it to death on the boards - I say stop worrying so much about whether things would really happen that way and enjoy the weekly ride. It's been fun for me so far...
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The best new drama of 2006
Workin_Man24 September 2006
"Jericho" is by far, the best new show of 2006. I watched the pilot episode on CBS and I was extremely impressed with it. The acting, storyline, and the whole premise of the show is fantastic! I even got teary eyed a few times through the show. That is a rare thing for me. I usually never get teary eyed during a show or a movie. However, "Jericho" is a whole different kind of show. It was actually suspenseful and even a little bit scary!

I would definitely recommend this show to fans of the drama/sci-fi genres. Actually, I would recommend it to just about anyone! If you're looking for a good time watching TV, then this is the show you should be watching. I definitely enjoyed it, and I know you will enjoy it too.
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Excellent Apocalytic Drama
mfvaughn27 September 2006
Having seen only two episodes, I am mildly surprised by the effectiveness of this well presented drama. A relationships-based drama, focused around the family of the Mayor (Gerald McRaney) of a small town, Jericho, thus far the acting and writing is top notch. Tense story lines have been the mark of Jericho thus far. Reminiscent of 24, Jericho is setting up well, and I look forward to the unwinding of the story of a few thousand people struggling to survive and overcome the aftermath of a multiple strike atomic holocaust coast to coast in America's metropolitan centers, leaving Jericho an island of life and hope. Of particular note is the acting of Allison Scott, the acting of Skeet Ulrich, and the understated but grounding performances of both McRaney and as his wife and the matriarch, the always fine Pamela Reed. It will be interesting to see if this strong start can be sustained, or if the storyline will wear thin. The executive production team is youthful but in combination has significant experience in film and in relationship-based TV that bodes well. In order for Jericho to survive, and it should, the tension needs to be maintained for the central family, for Jericho's attempts to survive, for the people of Jericho to maintain their humanity and their optimism, and for the outside world to impinge in a way that makes the struggle for the better parts of our human condition endure. Mighty big tasks, but my hope is that this intelligent, sensitive, and provocative program survives too.
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fun show
seabeeb29 March 2008
I really found this show refreshing. Its not the greatest show ever but it was entertaining. The show gives the feel of Saturday morning serials (fast paced and leaving you with a cliff-hanger). I loved the underlying messages to our current governmental situation. I just learned that it was not to be picked up again. I can't believe CBS is cancelling the show after the response they received after it was cancelled the first time. I hope that some other network (ie. SciFi) will try to carry on the series (sort of like Battlestar Galactica) to a complete and thorough conclusion even if it doesn't fit the usual format of a least five years.
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really cool
joterri_199930 September 2006
Jericho is one of those shows that snags you by aren't really sure why you started to watch it then before you know it your anxious about next week's show.. The 2nd episode was by far better than the first...I really want to know what exactly has Jake and the "ex cop" from St.Louis were doing prior to the mushroom cloud.. I hope CBS sees the potential in the cast and the story line and they do not drop the bomb on the show. Plus Skeet is a hottie..If someone you know has not watched the show tell them to tune in..Who care about old washed up stars dancing anyway?...Jericho is one of the best new TV shows this season. Thanks CBS what is next?
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Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant
ivison_198514 January 2007
This is the best new show I've seen in a long time and the casting is brilliant skeet ulrich would not of been my first choice for the role of Jake but the more I watch the more Skeet grows into the role and not to mention anything that could spoil the series but I cannot believe how well the idea/premise behind the show fits with modern day living the who was it how did it happen is intriguing but not only that you have to keep trying to guess who are the good guys who are the bad you'll never see a better piece of t.v with such intrigues as this one I would definitely recommend to people whom like anything lost fans for the intrigue, sci fir fans because of the plot (e.g roswell, buffy, etc), those fans of law and order or csi because of the mystery in the story, and finally those whom like the teary eyed melodramas because of the human angle.

This is definitely a show for everyone good work and keep it up.
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Awesome Show
cuffdaddy28 September 2006
This has got to be by far the best series on TV. The mixture of mystery/drama/science fiction is excellent as well as the characters. It reminds me of William Johnston's book series "The Ashes" with the doomsday theme. Skeet Ulrich's character is suspenseful because no one knows where he's been or what he's done for the last 5 years, yet he's able to save a little girl on the bus and then kill one of the convicts his first day back! The way they ended the second show with the former policeman putting red pins on cities that were nuked and not showing where he put all the pins leaves you in suspense! Keep up the great job and don't cancel this show!!!!
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Meh, I just don't know
thekaj27 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The premise is certainly interesting enough. A small town seemingly cut off from the rest of the world as civilization itself might have gone up with a mushroom cloud. It's a story that has been effectively told in the book Alas Babylon and the miniseries The Day After. Those are big footsteps to follow in, and I'm not too sure this show can do it.

For one, the characters all seem too artificial. We have the wayward son, the bullheaded father, the strong "glue" mother, and the brother who stayed loyal to dad. There's also the standard 2 girls for our hero to fall for: beautiful woman with past history, and hometown girl who can fix machinery. Plus there's other characters like the stranger who knows how to do everything (while apparently 98% of the rest of the town can't understand concepts like how to start a generator or how bad radiation is), outcast boy who pitches in to help, snotty rich girl who spurns outcast boy at first but is won over by a can of pop, and a host of other one dimensional characters with a single role to play, which is usually just to provide a way for the main characters to highlight their knowledge or show how heroic they are.

Like I said, the premise is sound. I want to know who or what caused these attacks. I want to know how wide spread it is. I want to see how the town survives. I'm just not at all convinced that I want to see the story unfold through these characters. I'll give it a little more time, but most likely I'll just stop watching and read up on the storyline if it survives the year.
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Brilliant series. Poor ending.
igor_henriquejs10 March 2013
It's not the first time I get interested in watching something about post-apocalyptic world. The fact is, I'm always in mood to see stuff about that theme. However, despite all that, I couldn't even imagine how amazing was going to be Jericho prior to begin watching it. It's simply fantastic! The show lets you brainstorm about how to survive and find solutions after your country is hit by nuclear bombs. The plot is really suspenseful and you end up asking yourself a lot of questions: Was that growing mushroom a terrorist attack? Who has planned that? Who is that mysterious man known as Mr. Hawkins? And what about the obscure Jake Green's past?

The show is incredibly addicting and sometimes I caught myself into a non-stop Jericho marathon. You always want to watch more one episode to attempt solving every mystery. Yet, I have to admit: it is not all good. The series wasn't going to be renewed until its ardent fans claim for a second season. And it came out, although it should have never existed. OK, it's fine the fact that series has an ending, but the plot completely changes its focus at a certain point and the awful second season starts to feature a boring theme about political conspiracy in order to explain previous events. Anyway, if you don't bother to receive an advice, here it is: be sure not to miss Jericho. You wouldn't repent to spend your valuable time watching it. Trust me: It's worthy a try!
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Nobody is in Charge
sneezewhiz29 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'm fascinated by this show partly because I am a big fan of post-apocalyptic fiction (Alas Babylon, The Day After, Testament, The Last Ship, Threads, On the Beach, etc). I recommend "Threads"(BBC 1984). After viewing it, you will wonder why someone hasn't done a good book or movie about Hurricane Katrina using it's premise.

But back to "Jericho." A town of five thousand in western Kansas, most of whose residents have no visible means of support. Where is the big employer, like a shoe factory or a plastic-extruding plant? You can't tell me the town is one to two thousand farmers and their families.

Farmers would be too busy and too far away to hang out in a bar all day, they'd have supplies of gasoline and food at their farms, plus old agricultural machinery and other equipment that doesn't require gasoline and there would be people who would have the knowledge to operate it.

A town of five thousand would have a courthouse, a bank, and leading citizens. There would be power dynamics and struggles that were in place before the catastrophe.

In the most recent episode we learn that the Greens have a ranch out in the countryside with a barn full of horses. A barn full of horses is a time-consuming high-maintenance endeavor, not some place you visit in the fourth episode because you need to get Jake Green worked up.

We also learn that the people of Jericho turn to the mayor and police when their utilities stop working. There does not appear to be an electric substation anywhere near the town nor anyone in the town who appears to know where the electricity came from.

It looks like the creators of this show got their concept for a small town from their experience with suburban bedroom communities. Jericho appears to work as if there were a large city no more than 20 minutes away by car, not like a town in the middle of nowhere.

If you take a look at the IMDb cast & crew page for this show, you will note there are no credited producers, directors or writers. You see executive producers, art, sound, SFX and miscellaneous crew, but just like the town of Jericho itself, there are no responsible adults to look to or blame.
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More than just a show, a warning
javacrucian42022 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished watching Jericho on Netflix (all 29 episodes over two days). Others have written about the show's premise and storyline, so I won't repeat those here. As for my take on the show: First I have to say, anyone claiming that the acting is poor either stopped watching after a couple episodes or watched a different show entirely. Rarely have I seen such moving performances on television or anywhere else. I found myself relating to almost all the characters, and their hardships were believable and realistic. If anything, the acting was TOO moving; my wife and I were both teared up a few times, and given that several of the main characters die and there is no shortage of sad moments.

The other thing Jericho has no shortage of is red herrings. Just when you think you've an angle figured out, there comes a twist. But the twists make sense and keep you interested.

**spoilers** Behind the story of the characters is the hostile takeover of the USA by subversive forces within the US government itself. What appeals to me here is that the writers address the biggest problem our real life US government faces - severe corruption and the supremacy of corporate influence over our political system. The terrorists in Jericho are not religious zealots or militant patriots. They are very high ranking government officials working along with corporate interests to use a false flag operation (the nuke attacks) to take over the USA and replace the current government with a new one. The new one, in this case, is a federal government that delegates its day to day power to two corporations - Jennings & Rall (aka Haliburton) and Ravenwood (aka Blackwater). Of any threat to our democracy, corporate and banking influence are the most dangerous because they are the most powerful. Jericho presents us with a nightmare vision of what life would be like under the boot of such powers. The Bill of Rights is just a memory. No right to due process or fair trial; if you don't do what you're told you are a "security risk" and you disappear. Your property is subject to seizure without notice, warrant, or compensation. All of you personal information is recorded and put in a database. You have no privacy. Jennings & Rall control all commerce and bleed the people dry with price gouging while using Ravenwood to violently suppress any free market or black market competition, even while people suffer from want.

This really would be life under such corporations, and this is what Jericho shows us. And that, in turn, is what makes it so scary. Because if you stop to think about who the real threat in America is, it's not a handful of Saudis with box cutters on planes, or some poor deluded schmuck that the FBI can string along and then arrest for show. The real threat comes from capitalism overtaking democracy instead of complimenting it. It's a threat that is all too real, and Jericho warns us against allowing such a future to come to pass. That message, along with simply being a very well written and entertaining show, is what makes Jericho one of the great TV series of my time. Sadly, the shows ratings didn't live up to its writing and it was canceled way too soon. Evidently people would rather watch the likes of Snookie drunkenly prancing around making an immature ass of herself over trivial problems than come to grips with a potential future we may someday face in one form or another. Whatever. If you have two braincells to rub together and any grasp of the dangerous state that modern America is in, give Jericho a try.
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One of the best TV shows ever
llinkinpark20053 January 2007
After watching Lost, I saw the commercial for this on TV and I watched the commercial and I decided that I just had to see what this show was like, so, I went to iTunes and bought the pilot episode and after seeing the pilot I just needed to watch more. I then started to watch it every week when a new episode appeared on TV. I can't wait for the season to restart after the Winter Break and when it comes back on it will hopefully be even better and more people will want to watch it. This in my opinion was in the top 5 for TV shows of 2006 and will be the same in 2007. Everyone should give this show, and every other show out there, a chance before they give their opinion.
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An apocalyptic disappointment
paladinmtk2 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Gamma World written by Madison Avenue. Factually and scientifically inaccurate melodrama mawkishness. Why couldn't the writers pick up a copy of the Planet of the Apes Movies or the Gamma World Role Playing Game and go from there? I have always dined at the table of a longed for good nuclear apocalypse show and have always gone away from the table hungry. This show develops too slowly, and why are all the girls still so pretty with their hair done so nice with their make up and collagen lips and plastic hips after a nuclear holocaust? How come the former St. Louis cop hyper-competently instructs the yokels how to duct tape their houses but yet decides to keep his Morse code short-wave radio knowledge of the extent of the national destruction a secret for only the viewers to melodramatically know at the end of episode 2? Why can you survive by putting plastic on your windows during the radiation rain, but half the town has to be buried in an explosion in a salt mine deep beneath the earth? Why don't they just put dinosaurs in F-16's? Unlike Jericho's depicted apocalypse, I predict this show will die an early death with a whimper.
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not very believable characters
terence_j_morrissey18 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted this to be a good show as the premise seems good for a television vehicle. And the main plot is good; the problems faced in the aftermath of some kind of nuclear explosions is a good plot line. However, the subplots of intrigue, conspiracy and apathy ruin this show for me.

Of the minor subplots, the reaction of the towns teenagers is unfathomable. They want to have parties where they are willing to pay $20 for a bag of chips at the local store amidst hoarding and panic. The kids continue to act as if nothing has happened and continue their bullying to the town nerd, save for the one rich girl he seeks attention from.

The second unbelievable subplot is the town bar. I have never seen a bar so packed after thermonuclear detonation and seemingly as long as the drinks keep coming, the apocalypse is of little concern to the bar patrons. I just think the teens and the barflies might have a different reaction in face of the potential end of the world.

In the final analysis, I will watch this show, but if I miss an episode or two, I will not care. The real great show this season, (full of promise and a potential vehicle for the great Science fiction writers of the world much the same as the original Star Trek did)is Eureka on the Sci-Fi channel.
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OK - but Where are the shows advisors?
Nordicnorn2 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was initially sucked in... I am also a huge fan of post-apocalyptic movies, shows, and books. That is, until they tried to treat radiation sickness with iodine off the shelf. I suppose the writers never even bothered to check that out on any web page readily available on the subject. Then comes the Rain fallout: once it stops raining, everyone just went back to their fields and harvested the highly contaminated food from the highly contaminated soil. Alrighty then.... They also lack any sort of military adviser given the way they handle every armed encounter. It wouldn't be so awful if the characters didn't consist of an ex-Army Ranger, a mercenary and black ops member, and an FBI "uber" agent. While the acting is acceptable, the characters in general, are cardboard cut-out stereotypes, with little depth or deviation from their assigned roles. The women in the story are simply window dressing for the men and have no real voice or power. The men run the show, make all decisions, while the women in true 1950's fashion, support their men- regardless of how many bad, ignorant decisions they keep making. They simply hold down the fort, cook up food for the menfolk, and nurse the sick, all with perfect hair and makeup. On several occasions, they stupidly squander resources - like when they have a giant town BBQ with the meat so it doesn't spoil instead of smoking or salt-curing it; or like lighting up the street lights with the limited electric power they have. There also does not seem to be one short wave radio operator in town that can get a signal from even the closest town. Lastly, the unrealistic feel of the town is impossible to ignore. No major chain grocery? No real department store? One doctor in a town of 5000 people? It is a ridiculous attempt by the writers to portray a perfect middle America Mayberry RFD town to appeal to the masses -- unfortunately, that kind of town hasn't existed in about 50 years - if it ever did. I would suspect none of the writers have even driven through the Midwest, if this is how they picture it.

Overall - Pass over this one. It stared out with a good premise, and went downhill. How can one explain a show like Firefly getting canceled and this one sticks? The is beyond me who would want to keep this show around enough to send the nuts to CBS.
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Jericho - disappointment
itch-RO5 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Great idea for a TV show and first and 2nd episodes were watchable, but after that it turned into the worst sci-fi soap opera. These people have NO imagination at all, the plot is just plain stupid; just think about this: it's been 2 months since the nuclear bombing and nobody knows what's outside their own town - Jericho, almost every scene is indoors and the characters don't do anything but to talk and then talk some more. Even when they run out of food they don't leave town - they simply find a wrecked food train just outside their city....

I really wanted to like this show but it just has the worst play - writers ever!
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I nice idea, executed by cretinous morons.
dominicrimmer31 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Having heard good reports about "Jericho" I delved in, hoping for a realistic and moving depiction of an American small town being isolated by surrounding nuclear attacks.

Christ I was disappointed.

Terrible acting and dialogue are unbelievable at first, and then steadily turn to laughable. The main character who mysteriously returns to "Jericho" after an unexplained five year absence is so heroic that in the first episode he saves an entire school bus load of children, including making a makeshift respirator for one of them with some straws and a pen knife! He is also a fine mechanic (although not as fine as the sexy school teacher whom he initially patronises when she offers her help), he can handle a gun, he can give moving speeches and he is an explosives expert ("Where did you learn to do that?" "I knew a guy once.")

The only black guy in it also mysteriously turns up and immediately starts telling people how to react in a nuclear war kind of way, like some kind of expert or something.

There's an impending romance between a "popular" girl and a "geeky" guy. Ther's a comedy madman who thinks aliens are attacking. There's a bus full of murderers that crashes while all this is going on.

I could go on but I don't have the energy. The only thing positive I can say about this programme is that it made me laugh, and I suppose that is a pretty decent positive, but how long will those laughs last?
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A wasted opportunity with a minor spoiler at the end
snocap_addict28 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Jericho has a good premise, ie, the experiences of a small town after a infrastructure crippling disaster striking the entire United States. Me, personally? I love the post-apocalyptic genre when it's done well. It lends itself easily to drama, with themes of trust, sacrifice, and leadership available immediately Let's get one thing out of the way first, however, and that is that the whole idea is NOT original. Why people think that is beyond me, as there are loads of post-apocalyptic fiction, movies, and TV shows out there, and even more specifically, ones that deal with this exact situation.

But unoriginality can be worked around as long as the story presented is done well. Unfortunately Jericho fails in this regard. The direction is nonexistent, the actors are wooden, the dialog is painful and delves into cliché after cliché, and the overall plot is painfully predictable. Everything is dumbed down, and the big mysteries are clumsily executed. Sadly, many of the actors have shown talent in others movies and shows, so I'm left to blame their phoned-in scenes on the director and writers. To get a handle on the silliness this show uses, just take a look at the pilot episode. **MINOR SPOILER** The end of the pilot involves one of the characters rescuing a BUS FULL OF CHILDREN. It was so ludicrous that at first I threw it into the satire pile. When I realized it was meant to be serious and heartwarming, I almost cried at how insulting it all was. **END SPOILER** I still watch it in the hopes that it will get better, but every further episode I watch threatens to crush it all into nothing.
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interesting but way to soapy
endymionng14 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
So we are done with the first season of this interesting premise combining the classic movie "The Day After" with the equally strong British post-catastrophe show from the seventies called "Survivors". The British show had a virus kill of 99% of the British population, so the rebuilding and maintaining of society and civilization is the same as here. However this US show is so far spending way to much time in close-ups of soapy sub-plots that belongs on daytime television instead being the though gritty tale it could be. I don't mind the big baddie lurking far away as a potential threat, but the story ought to focus on the rebuilding of society if it is going tell a meaningful tale. As with the "Invasion" show from 2005 nothing much happens at all between the pilot and episode 12 at which point it has almost painted itself into a corner... We will see what (if anything) happens to save the show. Points for pretty decent acting (although they killed the best one in the final - that was nuts...), potential and some of the subplots, but thats it - more than seven is nuts...
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What total Piffle
Reno-00728 August 2008
Gee how can I start by saying, what the hell was that? Back in 1959, Pat Frank wrote the classic post-apocalyptic novel, "Alas, Babylon," which still remains iconic and unique in a genre that has spawned countless novels, films, and television shows. In the novel, we witness how a small, rural Florida community strives to survive in the wake of a global nuclear war. It's a fantastic read, particularly, because of the skillful use of character development: After the bombs fall, the rich banker finds out that his prestige and wealth are now just pieces of paper- the librarian who found herself marginalized in the dawning age of the television finds herself the guardian of the only source of knowledge and entertainment in town- the white and black communities, formerly separated by history and mutual prejudice, are brought together.

Now- apparently, someone over at CBS had read this novel, and has bowdlerized it into the Worst. Apocalypse. Ever.

Watching this show, I found my intelligence being insulted every 30 seconds or so, and startled to find my pants being blown off by the sheer force of my boredom. You'd think that, in the wake of a nuclear catastrophe, people would have better things to do than have melodramatic arguments with their parents about their failed marriages. You'd think that after several weeks of no running water or electricity, some of the people might show a tad of grime. You'd think that after thousands of plot holes and inconsistencies pile up, the writers would do us the courtesy of committing collective suicide on prime time TV...

But Alas, Babylon, this show is 90210 without all of that troubling depth and nuance. The characters are unlikable, unbelievable, and the acting is the worst I've seen outside of those "Why, I didn't order a plumber!" segues at the beginning of porn films.

It is oft said that, should a nuclear war occur, the survivors will envy the dead. I concur whole-heartedly- if if post-nuke Montclair resembles Post-Nuke Jericho, I'd be so tortured by banality and boredom, that I'd be among the first to off myself...
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Very cheap look and feel
burtofprey-356-94480411 October 2012
After I searched online for some 'best series ever' I stumbled upon "Jericho". The series was compared with on of my all time favorite shows "Lost". Last night I watched 3 episodes and oh boy was I disappointed! You see, I love post apocalyptic drama, so it's not that I don't have the fantasy to embrace far-fetched stories. But "Jericho" has a very cheap look and feel. There is this scene when the locals see a nuclear polluted rain storm is heading their direction. Guess what? The sun keeps shining bright like never before in outdoor scenes. And this mother who keeps saying to her sons and husband "promise me you come home safe" like 5 times in each episode. Not to mention the cliché music score that sounds like it came along with a 50 bucks video edit program. OK, well, overall it was so predictable that I wished I hadn't spent a whole evening of my life on this crap.
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I really wanted to like this show, but...
wille6626 October 2006
When it comes to dedicating my time to serials such as Jericho, I am pretty selective. I just have other things I want to do, so I limit my TV watching time. I really wanted to like this series, but am quickly growing tired of it. The writing is mediocre, and the plots are both far too scattered and often uninteresting. The nuclear attack premise of the show is what got me interested in the first place, but the plot development of the series is losing my interest. Also, who is writing this show? They obviously have little to no knowledge of what life is like in a medium sized rural Midwestern town. I say this because I grew up in a Nebraska town smaller than Jericho is supposed to be and it was nothing like this.

Here are some comparisons: Jericho, 5,000 pop., My town, 1,300. Jericho, one tiny grocery store (where apparently drums of pesticides are for sale on the same shelves as bread and canned soup). My town, two large groceries, three small ones. Jericho, 2 truck fire dept. My town, 8 trucks, 3 ambulances. The next town over from my town had about 3,500 pop, and its services are easily multiplied 2-3 times what I described for my small town. There's many more shortcomings for Jericho, but you get the point. Basically, Jericho as a real town wouldn't last a week or two in the real world, and to me this Mayberry mentality shows the shallow and stereotypical writing ability of a staff that is unfamiliar with the basic workings of a small town. I wonder which episode will feature Floyd the barber jacking up haircut prices since there must be only one barber in town? Oh, the drama that will ensue.
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