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Baby you will love one.... and hate another
AvinashPatalay4 February 2008
Thought process as you watch "Hey Babyy"::

First-half:: Is it the same Sajid Khan who directed the weakest segment of Darna Zaroori Hain? No way!!

First-half of second-half:: This Sajid Khan and that Sajid Khan are probably the 'Kumbh Ka Mela brothers'.

Second half of second half:: Oui Maa... Yeh Muaa Toh Wahi Hain!!!

Yes, the first half takes the graph higher and higher. Enter Vidya Balan and the movie sinks deeper than Titanic. If the little baby steals your heart in the first half, the big baby smashes it with equal vengeance.

Akki:: Its a role which has various layers to it and da man does not falter a bit. A meaty role amongst the trio. In Dil Toh Paagal Hain it was guest role for Akki, but now its payback time for SRK.

Vidya Balan:: The lethargic nasal voice maybe your signature style but you are overdoing it. And, in the name of versatility if you attempting to break the Parineeta mould in one go, caution... you may fall flat on your face.

Boman Irani as the Inspector was fantastic while Boman Irani in comic part was a big downer. And why the false alarm of heart-attack as a mere chest pain?

Fardeen Khan, loved him in his Chupke-Chupke attire and of course the take it slowly episode.

Ritiesh Deshmukh, dependable as usual and IMO he should stop getting slapped in every other movie. Politics and underworld nexus go hand-in-hand, beware!

And finally of course, being Farah Khan's sibling Hey Baby has a miniature parade of Bollywood faces in the title song, only fairer sex but.
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Sajid khan debuts well.......
siddharth_123425 August 2007
All of us had great expectations with this movie.Coming from a debutant director who made of a career out of critising movies in his TV shows, he had a really tough challenge up his sleeve.

He deserves an applause!!!! Come on guys, making a movie on a subject involving an eight month old movie, and getting the right expressions when necessary is a tough task.Also, it featured Akshay Kumar, arguably one of the most versatile actors of this generation.The combo, along with Rietesh and Fardeen, does well in tickling the funny bone, at most of the places.

Now, u may ask why didn't it get a 10/10, if the script is well-essayed and actors of such talent give their best?????

The answer lies in the screenplay......

Ya, couldn't resist a yawn at some places, especially in the second half.The movie kicks off very well(the title track is scorching).But post-intermission portions become really heavy at times.It again picks up though towards the climax,coming to a predictable end.

The music is very peppy,the cinematography captures Australia well, though there are very few outdoor scenes.

Coming to the cast, Akshay Kumar once again proves why he's one of the most bankable stars today.Flawless acting, with humour and sorrow expressed perfectly.Rietesh masters his supporting role quite well, Fardeen still has lots to do with his dialogue delivery.Vidya Balan is wasted mostly, what was Sajid thinking when he casted him for a role lasting only 30 min....

Seriously,Vidya has to start thinking about the roles she's doin these days, whether it's Guru,Salaam-e-ishq aur Eklavya.

Boman Iraani is good, though under-utilised. SRK and anupam Kher re-live their DDLJ relationship for a cameo.

All-in-all, an entertainer, which gets 7 stars for the movie, and one extra for the performances ........ Family-goers are advised though,the movie is not that clean......:D

Sajid,i'm looking forward to ur next......

Best Of luck......
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Heyy Babyy - Avoid it unless you are absolutely jobless....
bay63 September 2007
...or if you got the tickets free. I'm not sure if it is worthwhile even then. The first half is such a drag that I thought 2 hours has passed whereas in reality it was just an hour. There were really unnecessary sentiment building scenes where these 3 jokers try to almost kill the kid and then turn in a new life just like that. And after that they all behave like a bunch of teenage girls who're all gaga about the kid. There is some tasteless so called "humor" scenes to introduce a kid into a bachelor household. There are stupid songs slipped in between for no reason at all. There is nothing new to look forward to from this movie. The story as everyone knows is a horrible variation of the original Trois hommes et un couffin which was hollywooded into 3 men and a baby.

The second half has some good scenes by Akshay kumar but not worthy enough to be called as "Saving grace". The kid is cute no doubt.

It's been quite sometime since I've been to a movie and felt the need to advice people to stay away if possible.
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A pathetic movie and a waste of time and money
saurabh300527 August 2007
Akshay Kumar and Ritesh Deshmukh sounds a good combination for a comedy movie and that is the reason I went for the movie (promos also looked promising). But it turned out to be a great disaster in all departments be it acting, direction (extremely idiotic) or screenplay.

The way characters of 3 stars in the movie was developed was bad. The director had really no script in mind and comedy was really forced. I think Sajid Khan needs to see Bheja Fry to understand that by doing stupid actions and creating childish situation, you cannot make someone laugh (though there will be people who will enjoy it). Vidya Balan, Bomman Irani were a complete waste in the movie.

This proves a point that if you are a star kid or from the industry it is easy to make a movie, get number of actors/actresses to do friendly appearances (which again was a waste) and boast on TV as if you are making the best movie ever seen. But Mr. director, please grow up and try to make a sensible comedy. Yes, we can still leave our mind at home to watch a movie but there should be some sense and element in your work.

Overall this movie deserves 1 out of 10 star (some points deducted because of hyped expectation which it fails to meet).

Thanks, Saurabh
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Vulgarity is NOT funny!!
gudiya6816 September 2008
I saw this film with my children and even though I am a fan of Akshay and Ritesh, I found a lot of the dialogue to be below standard. The scenes where they are making lists of all the women they've slept with were over done. I mean in this day of Aids/herpes I hope people are not so casual. Not to mention that these boys and many of their respective girlfriends are Indian, so there should be a cultural aspect to this too. Calling the baby a bitch was rude. Babies cry, poop and don't let you sleep but that's how they communicate. To leave her in the rain, was unbelievable. I don't think anyone with any conscience would do something like that. What I hated about this film: too many sexual innuendos and jokes, the Australian actors were annoying, The scenes where they try to win over Vidiya's character were so boring and not even funny. Vidiya should stick to films like Parineeta and Bhool Bhulaiya, she is wasting her talent in these cheesy films and she looks much better in a sari then in western gear. Fardeen always comes across as having too much attitude. What I liked about this film. The songs were really good. The baby was cute. Ritesh is always a pleasure to watch (despite a poor screenplay and stupid dialogues - not his fault).
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Is this comedy?
HeadleyLamarr3 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I watched 2/5 of the film and could not bear to finish it. No matter what Sajid would like to believe, until the moment Vidya arrives to take away her baby this is a complete ripoff of TMAAB. IMO that was a rather pathetic film with three talentless actors and this comes close in that sense too. Ritesh is the only one who even comes close to acting, Akki should go back to kung fu and being a stunt man, Fardeen is laughably pathetic. Even Vidya has nothing to bite into for a role, her costumes are atrocious and she has the most colorless role ever. Boman is doing a chimpanzee act. Granted the baby is cute and she acts the best of the lot as she is only required to smile (which she does endearingly well) or cry (which she excels at). The men making one off color joke after another, the horrible Aussie actresses, the endless clichés (baby dying, prayers being said, men breaking down in a most unbelievable manner, baby food and poop jokes) make this one of the worst films I have seen, but I have not seen Partner yet! A final word on the "guest appearances" by SRK and Anupam Kher - why did they bother to show up? They added nothing to the film and did nothing of note.

My advice - if you want low brow comedy then watch TMAAB, for high brow stuff try Full Monty (which HB tried to ripoff too!), but this one is not worth the money.
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Timepass but the baby was so cute
springsunnywinter11 September 2007
The film started of quite good with the title song and had cameos of 14 actresses including Malaika Arora, Amrita Arora, Sophie Chaudhary, Neha Dhupia, Celina Jaitly, Ryiya Sen, Dia Mirza, Koena Mitra, Shamita Shetty, Minnisha Lamba and so on. When the baby arrived then got really funny although you didn't need any brains just sit back & laugh. The baby was so precious, wonderful, adorable, and lovable. First half was good it really made me laugh & cry but in the second half when Vidia Balan came then got quite boring for some reason maybe because she spoiled it even Shah Rukh Khan's special appearance couldn't save it.

There is nothing new it's just the same old comedy and makes no difference whether you watch it or not. Inspired from Three men and a baby I can't remember when I saw it because it was a very forgettable film as well as this one. Music is OK the only good songs are the title song, Hey Baby by the Girl Band and Jaane Bhi De. 2007 is not a good year for Bollywood movies as 2006 e.g. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Don, Krrish, Dhoom 2. I've seen a lot of movies of 2007 and I only liked a few.
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Fine, but one minute...
Bunty-at-IMDB20 September 2007
This movie was funny. However it is one of the most non-watchable movie with parents and family. Movie contains sexual references, comedy which I think was slightly into vulgarity. However, I laughed at some places and I hated this movie too.

Music was fine, I liked it. Acting was more than average. Since it was a Bollywood movie, it is full of drama and some non-sense scenes. Anyway, people are considering this movie as a comedy film. It is comedy in first half and second half is full of Rona-dhona (cries and screams).

Movie concentrates much more on Akshay than Fardeen or Ritiesh. Vidya was terribly beautiful in this movie.

Overall I must say this movie is definitely not a must watch. But it is a great time pass though. 7/10
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Light hearted comedy...fun to watch...the guys have a definite chemistry and and the comic timing is hilarious
wisegal25 August 2007
Of course this is a new genre of Bollywood movies...comedy which is gaining popularity don't go looking for depth ...and sure it is a rip off the Hollywood movie three men and a baby but still I really liked the chemistry between Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh..the dialog are quite witty too...the movie starts off quite well and the scenes where the three guys are trying to handle the baby are quite hilarious...some kudos are due to the director Sajid Khan for keeping a good grip...Vidya Balan looks lovely too...and the just check out the cameo appearance of the great SRK and guess what he has a pony tail...all in all a good comedy:)
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A Brilliant Film..But Not For Family Viewing...
ziggy416 September 2007
This is a brilliant film but not recommended for family viewing, its got comedy,emotions n love, But above all its totally 'Unpredictable' you don't know around the corner,its full of surprises! If your going out with d lads/girls or just ya Girlfriend/Wife OR Boyfriend/Husband then go ahead you will certainly enjoy it! ;) But once again, not recommended for family viewing.. Akshay Kumar n d Lads do a great job and vidya does her magic, well done to sajid khan for a successful movie !! Great direction! The baby was really cute, there were a lot of moment where you could say.. 'Awww' and also laugh it was just brilliant! The title song is just AWESOME! and the song Mast Kalander! All of the songs are enjoyable, you will definitely love it! Go ahead n goto watch it for ya self! i don't like how people are saying bad things about it, and spoiling the movie for others, if you've got nothing decent to say DON'T SAY ANYTHING or PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR OTHER PEOPLE! LET THEM GOTO WATCH IT! Everyone has there own taste! NOT EVERYONES THE SAME! Thanx

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Total Crap
bigaussie-niral4 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a total crap. Don't see it. Having seen some good movies lately like 1971, Omkara I thought that Indian movies are finally becoming meaningful. This disappointed me totally.

Trailers of the movie were shown in such a way, that viewers would expect it to be an all out comedy. One thinks that Akshay Kumar in a fun film will be full of laughter. Guess what you won't laugh at all. There are few comic scenes, but won't make you laugh at all. Besides that it has Desi masala content which now people had enough from Bollywood movies, so no one likes them anymore.

Songs are all over the place, never blending with the situation anywhere. And there is an unexpected tragedy waiting for you, which no one wants to see. It gave totally wrong impression from the trailers.

Director Sajid Khan should understand that he has made a movie for masses, and adding many songs & actresses in one song can't make a film any better. He should learn something from others. Script is also dull, it has no soul, never holds one during the movie. On top of that it has predictability in the end.

I have given 5 ratings just for good efforts by the cast.

Final verdict, no content, only songs, total crap.

Don't even dare to watch it.
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An un-nappy experience
ptb-827 April 2008
If you thought LITTLE MAN from the Wayans Brothers was a stinker, well this Bollywood musical made in Sydney Australia is dire-rear. And it is astonishingly offensive. Based or stolen from THREE MEN AND A BABY this awful rip off with wobble head disco tracks actually manages to turn already idiotic oafs into hateful cretinous characters in the appalling cruelty shown to this baby in this dumb film. Supposedly these three selfish stooges find a baby on the doorstep and then bicker relentlessly about having to look after the child... whining and slapping each other in-between pathetic songs.... and spitting hateful remarks at this tiny kid. Then after they have reduced you to gasping in disbelief the script calls for them to abandon the kid in a storm, where the director then chooses to show us the horrifying sight of a baby wet and blue lying in a sodden basket. So idiotic are the on screen antics and boorish enough, these utterly distressing and disgusting scenes remove any non existent interest and attempts at reviving attention in the rest of the film. These three idiots then decide they love this near dead wet baby and get her revived... so they can skip and romp around the landmarks of Sydney to our further head shaking bewilderment. HEYY BABYY is a travesty and an insult to the beautiful city of Sydney as much as it would surely be to any paddy worker in a mud cinema in India. Awful in every way. Made of course with support from our misled City tourism board.
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heyy baby is a stress buster!...
nadzabdz26 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
heyy baby is not only about three men and a baby...there's more, a lot of laughter,wonderful acting and more... the story begins with three play boys who enjoy life to the fullest that they don't even remember how many girls they have ever dated, life for them is all about drinks partying and girls! suddenly their life takes a turn when one fine morning a baby is left abandoned at their door. being perfect bachelors they have no clue on how to handle a few month old baby and from here the story takes you into a fun filled atmosphere full of silliness(u have to stop using ur brains and just go with the flow of the comedy) you have to see how from full time road romeos they guys turn into full time DADA'S.. how they begin to value relationships and respect women.

all in all this film is a stress buster, a change from the stress of day to day life. i enjoyed every bit. well done to the entire team of heyy baby.
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Excellent, Fantastic and Superb
Li_8530 September 2008
Hey babyy is a fabulous movie that has entertains the whole way, Fantastic. Debut director Saroj khan does an amazing job and I cant wait for his next release. The story is copied of three men and a baby, but is funnier and has emotions added in. Akshay Kumar is a true talent and finally he gets his credit, a true comedian. Fardeen Khan gives a decent performance and does a good job. Ritesh Deshmukh delivers a good performance and suits as the sidekick. Its amazing that the movie has so much comedy and yet it has emotional scenes too. The first song in this film has many sexy actresses in it, my favorite has to be Diya Mirza. Riya Sen, Aarti Chabria, Neha Duphia are all very sexy and I wish I was dancing with them. This movie is highly recommended by me and is worth the watch.
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Sajid's Inexperience Spoils It
salilgoyal24 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Amount of disappointment I am getting these days seeing movies like Partner, Jhoom Barabar and now, Heyy Babyy is gonna end my habit of seeing first day shows.

The movie is an utter disappointment because it had the potential to become a laugh riot only if the débutant director, Sajid Khan hadn't tried too many things. Only saving grace in the movie were the last thirty minutes, which were seriously funny elsewhere the movie fails miserably. First half was desperately been tried to look funny but wasn't. Next 45 minutes were emotional and looked totally artificial and illogical.

OK, when you are out for a movie like this you don't expect much logic but all the flaws tend to appear when you don't enjoy the movie and thats the case with Heyy Babyy. Acting is good but thats not enough to keep one interested.

For the positives, you can take hot actresses, last 30 minutes, some comic scenes, good acting by the lead cast and the baby. Only problem is that these things do not come together properly to make a good movie.

Anyways, I read somewhere that It isn't a copy of Three men and a baby but I think it would have been better if it was.
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insufferable slapstick comedy
Buddy-5121 July 2009
As if one were needed, "Heyy Babyy" is a two-hour-plus remake of the1987 hit "Three Men and a Baby" (which was itself an adaptation of a French film from 1985). This Bollywood production features three swinging bachelors from India who share a swanky apartment in a high class quarter of Sydney, Australia. One day they find an abandoned baby on their doorstep, along with a note declaring that one of the men - it's not stated which - is the girl's father. Naturally, this leads to all kinds of predictable slapstick hijinks as the three inept and bumbling playboys take on the new and challenging role of "fathers" to this adorable tyke.

It's hard to convey just how grueling - nay, excruciating - an experience sitting through "Heyy Babyy" turns out to be. What with all the pratfalling and mugging and fast-motion photography, "Heyy Babyy" makes even the most inane Three Stooges short look like a Noel Coward play in comparison. Suffice it to say the script is unbelievably banal, the comic ideas antiquated and poorly executed, and the acting so cheesy and over-the-top that, after only a few minutes' exposure to this drivel, you'll be agreeing with the French as to the comic genius of Jerry Lewis.

Yet, the only thing more insufferable than "Heyy Babyy" when it's in a playful mood is "Heyy Babyy" when it's being all high-minded and sanctimonious, cranking up the goo to almost unimaginable proportions, as this "angel sent from God" turns three self-indulgent and immature womanizers into hyper-sensitive and morally responsible young men - and the audience into a bunch of oohing and aahing sentimental slobs.

So if your idea of a good time is religious symbolism mixed with poop jokes (and padded out to an unendurable length with endless musical numbers), by all means feel free to indulge yourself in all that "Heyy Babyy" has to offer in that regard. Otherwise, run for your life as far and as fast as you can the moment "Heyy Babyy" appears on a screen near you.
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Not a Family Film!
fauzia_lala6 September 2007
This movie is definitely not a family film. It has several jokes which are uncomplimentary and sexually explicit. Many dialogs and scenes are not worth watching with your family especially with kids under 12! The dialogs are not only explicit, they are vulgar, of low standards and do not add to the story.

The use of explicit material is becoming more common on the Indian cinema nowadays and so many people may not find this a big deal but I think this movie went a little past that too. I mean Akshay points at a mother's breasts. Moreover, the mother is half naked. Besides, there's a conversation about mother's nipples. I mean come one, this is gross, not funny.

So, this movie is for those who like slapstick and don't care about acting or poor jokes. For those who do, I recommend you not watch this movie.
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If you think it's a comedy, think again!
DrSik16 September 2007
I don't watch much bollywood movies, only a select few which my friends tell me are very good. This one was getting very good reviews and people said it was funny so I thought I'll see it. The comedy part essentially lasts for the first half an hour or 45 minutes of the movie and is okay, not anything new or hilarious, after that, it's all the same old typical bollywood story with emotions and sad sobs thrown in. The acting is good in the comedy scenes where it is needed. But if I get a choice, I wouldn't watch a 2 hour and 20 minute movie just for the thirty minutes of rinse-and-repeat jokes. The opening song with the plethora of actresses is excellent eye candy and Shahrukh Khan is a superstar whether you like it or not and his cameo is exciting. You can easily skip this one if you're not one of those people who just have to watch every low or hi budget movie bollywood churns out.
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theurchin4 September 2007
first things first THIS IS NOT A REMAKE OF THRE MEN AND A BABYA Now that we have covered the misconception. this movie is an original and is a typical Bollywood comic flick at times its at par with some of the better comedies of Hollywood. this movie marks the entry of one of the most talented mouths and bolly brain guys around - Sajid khan. being a critic he probably knew what the people wanted and has churned out this brilliant movie. what surprises is that he has handled every detail of the movie really well and has well given his all into it. the story is good, a bit of loose ends here and there but its a movie what else do you expect. if people want that much reality i guess film your everyday life and you could watch it and consider it a masterpiece. the acting is flawless. Fardeen surprisingly pulls of his part very well. Ritesh deshmukh is a born talent and well his comic talent is something which is still untaped. would love to see him do some serious roles too. Akshay Kumar is the best among the lot. he has enacted his part to perfection and well every movie just cements him as one of the best in bollywood. its about time the top actors make space for the new king. Boman is his plain old excellent self. Vidya is beautiful and looks amazing. her acting is perfect no hitches at all. one thinks of Kajol when seeing her. now that a compliment overall excellent movie and well i loved it
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Very entertaining
aaronbir11 July 2017
Hi my name is Aaron osahan here is my review of the movie

This movie was so entertaining but it's really good story-line good comedy good romance good everything

Akshay Kumar was superb ritiesh was hilarious fardeen is fine vidya is brilliant

Songs are good

Nice comedy by boman he was brilliant anupam was superb shahrukh khan had the most impressive epic cameo appearance ever

My rating is 7/10
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Please don't watch this movie
mycutechris13 January 2013
This is the first time I've taken the time to actually write movie review here. This is the worst movie I've seen in my life (and I watch a lot).

The mainstay of it is insufferably boring and childish, while also throwing in sexist and racist (towards Australian) moments like it's the 1900s. It jumps all over the place in terms of style, tone, characterisation and storyline - doesn't hold together at all. In the hope it would get better later on, I watched it to the end and found the experience stressful and torturous.

Avoid. Especially if you're not mentally challenged.
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Horrible doesn't even scrape the surface
enigma_meets_reality13 April 2009
I don't think I've ever felt more demoralised and disgusted watching a Bollywood flick. The AWFUL Akshay Kumar and those two other idiots make for a stomach churning viewing experience. Even the apparent comedy isn't funny. The very talented Vidya Balan was wasted on this one too. The soundtrack terrible on the whole.

Worst aspect was seeing the three buffoons as camp father figures. I was hoping the movie would end when Angel's mother took the baby away from them.

And I'm fed up of Bollywood movies becoming so westernised. Do a movie which actually reflects something about India!
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Fantastic direction.
karma_neel28 November 2007
Though being an adaption of the Hollywood flick "3 Men and a little lady" , the direction of the film is a lot refreshing. Sajid Khan in his directorial debut has done a fantastic job. No where in the film do you feel any drab. He has perfectly inculcated the 20 min story ,which the western film moguls like Universal , Columbia Tristar train their directors before commencing on a film shooting. The thesis behind this 20 min story is that , before one actually gets into the main story of the film , there is always a period of 20 mins for films to run around the bush in order to settle the audience. This can perfectly be seen in the sitcoms like Friends , The Simpsons..etc who follow a 5 min story. What's more refreshing about the movie is that the assisting director has done a good job as well. Unlike some recent movies like Om Shanti Om , though the front direction was good , the main reason why people did not like the movie is because the assistant director was not good at all. The junior artists in the background portrayed very bad characters and very not directed well to do so. There are a very few films that have the co-director working equally as well as the main director . Some of the films include blockbusters like "Sarkar , Lagaan..etc".Overall the movie is worth to be seen at least once by all movie goers .And yes the baby is also cute !!!!
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Wow, LOVE you BABYY, I Loved HEYY BABYY, Keep it up Sajid Bahi
luvuall19919 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Love you Sajid, Love you Akshay, love you Vidya, and love you baby, the best movie of 2007, really a great movie, i liked it from the bottom of my heart, I have seen so many commenting ill about HEYY Babyy but i know they are jealous thats why commenting so, Everybody is well aware how good this movie is, I give 10 out of 10 rather I would like to give it 100 out of 10, since its a very good movie, and Sajid I love you for this movie, Keep it up, Well done I Congratulate you for this universal success of yours, very good man. Just give a damn to what jealous people say about it, Keep it up, i am 100 percent sure, this movie will be the biggest blockbuster of 2007 and the world including these jealouses, will see it. I heartly congratulate you and I am sure you will go higher and higher, may you succeed, and my special love for Akshay as he is always best. Take care, ALLAH Hafiz,
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Good movie...worth the watch
bhavikapattni3 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was very good Akshay and ritesh and fardeen all have really god chemistry the baby was so cute Vidya looked nice The songs were really good i went to watch it at star city was a very good choice this is so funny and very entertaining i wanted to kill them when that baby drowned you could tell it was a dummy when the doctor put an injection in the baby. Very clever story. Better than spending your money on RGVKAag. this movie was funny and witty and the songs were really nice especially mast kalander with shah rukh khan making his guest appearance. That pariwal guy was hilarious, with the car going really slowly and everyone walking past. and when ritesh bashed into that tree.

Good movie go watch it
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