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Season 5

9 Nov. 2012
Episode #5.1
Françesca Vanthielen and her new co-host Kürt Rogiers introduce this season's ten celebrity dancers and their partners. Today, each couple performs either the "English Waltz" or the "Cha-cha-cha". Besides telephone voting the other half of the marks is given by the jury, including new faces Dina Tersago and Euvgenia Parakhina. Votes from jury and viewers will be added to the results of next episode, so that every couple gets the chance to perform one ballroom and one Latin dance.
16 Nov. 2012
Episode #5.2
The second part of the first round, in which those who did the Latin in the first episode perform the quickstep and those who had ballroom the rumba. First all celebrity men perform the mambo, the each the other style solo. Must do well, Vincent even redeems his Latin debacle, only Tom remains sub-standard. Then the female candidates dance the salsa together, followed but their individual performance in the other style.
23 Nov. 2012
Episode #5.3
After the leaving of Tom Coninx, the nine remaining dance couples venture upon either a passionate "Tango" or a fiery "Paso Doble". Afterwards they have to prove their endurance in a powerful swing marathon.
30 Nov. 2012
Episode #5.4
In this 'Hollywood episode', each couple dances either jive or slow foxtrot o music from a famous motion picture, recent or evergreen. Muts put up a good show, some also shine technically. When the votes are counted, it's goodbye Showbiz Bart, whose elaborate Shreck transformation couldn't hide the weakest footwork, so his dream, the samba, won't come trough.
7 Dec. 2012
Episode #5.5
It's samba night, so all couples parade in exuberant Brazilian-colorfully costumes. Most of their swinging dances please most of the jury as well as the audience, from where former finalist Kevin Janssens rebukes Ronny for being too harsh on his present favorites. Unlike the previous round, the televoting can't undo the lowest jury ratings for Vincent Banic, who is thus eliminated.
14 Dec. 2012
Episode #5.6
A memorial episode, in which each celebrity dances a dance already learned and dedicates it to a memory which arouses passions, such as a late sibling, a former career, bullying or a boy's dream hobby. Most couples do quite well, but jury and tele-voting concur that Erica deserves most o be eliminated.
21 Dec. 2012
Episode #5.7
A Christmas edition all is white, started with a Viennese waltz relay yielding precious points although the jury calls it close. All couples please the crowd, including former winner Staf Coppens, and mostly get positive jury assessments for individual rumba, jives, quickstep or English waltz. Ultimately Rani's least appreciated performance so far leads to her elimination.
28 Dec. 2012
Episode #5.8
From this New Year Eve theme third-last episode on, each couple must perform to completely new dances, Latin and/or ballroom. Most do fine in American smooth, paso doble, salsa, rumba, tango and/or jive. On account of her mediocrity, Linda is eliminated just before the single semi-final.
4 Jan. 2013
Episode #5.9
From this semi-final, each couple must perform three new dance routines, including a synchronous one, now the cha-cha. Most of the individual performances are fine or even excellent. In the end, Nestor Lucas is voted least worthy to dance the final, which will oppose Kevin to Eline.
11 Jan. 2013
Episode #5.10
In this season final, best male and female dancers Kevin and Eline dance earlier dance and a new one, for once 'free style', in her case actually hip-hop. In between, several eliminated contestants return for their best dance, and new presenter Kurt Roegiers dances with his veteran sidekick Francesca. Ultimately, Kevin's consistent progress and fire dance are crowned with this season's title.

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