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Season 1

19 Jun. 2008
Game On
A sudden tragedy turns the world of The Mustangs' hockey team upside down-on and off the ice. The shakeup results in the acquisition of the League's number one draft pick Trevor Lemonde at a price of five and a half million dollars.
18 Jan. 2008
Truth and Consequence
Trevor assures his financial future by accepting an underwear sponsorship contract, although the exposed posing is torture. It buys him the luxury home from which widow and daughter McBride move. Molly recuperates a golden key dad gave her and starts seducing the golden stud. Gabe McCall keeps courting daycare nurse Connie, who keeps a former teacher of hers at romantic distance. He even promises change for her. Damon is falsely accused of raping Amanda 'Mandy' Csarka, in fact a seductress like him. However his reputation and tape collection plead against him. The ...
25 Jan. 2008
Cover Your Man
Trevor Lemonde is the city's rage, even before his first match. Filthy rich, ancient board member Taff Baron checks out the 'studly goods' in the locker-room, all of him. Widow McBride Molly turns to posthumous marketing, daughter Molly is confident enough she can seduce Trevor to ignore her sweet neighbor Donald. Trevor's rural girlfriend Tabbi uses karaoke contest winnings to travel to him, with her cripple grandma. Gabe helps save lover Connie's daycare class and is told to stop his dad, coach McCall, hitting the bottle. Damon rather suffers real pain then go ...
1 Feb. 2008
Two for Interference
Trevor Lemonde's country girlfriend Tabbi expects him to ruin his new apartment by fitting it for her inseparable, cripple grandma. Damon vents his fury over loosing a sponsorship trough their common rep to Trevor, whose bed she shares, by making sure the traditional hazing by 'pucks buckets' hurts Trevor's priceless privates excessively. Gabe ponders a conflict of interest if he lets a reporter seduce him. The club's board unrest drives manager Malcolm to claim the rights on the McBride drink the widow and her employer, shopkeeper Rajeed, found hard to launch.
5 Feb. 2008
Double Overtime
Trevor Lemonde is dragged from specialist to posing session by agent Carla. Worse, a clerical error nullifies his fielding for the match, to the team's disaster, suspiciously convenient for manager Malcolm, who wanted to fire as coach Gabe's dad, who finally joined AA for real. Damon Trebuchet was seduced back in bed by stalker Mandy, who left him handcuffed to miss the match, but he rather wrecks the bed and braves the team doc. Insurance investigators arm widow McCall to blackmail Malcolm.
12 Feb. 2008
Trades and Rumours
Gabe and Conny finally have sex. The whole team worries what the new coach Louis 'Tornado' Boucher may change, giving his players trader reputation. The wives worry even more about the coach's wife, Sophie Paquet, taking over their social committee, which has no cultural activities. Both sweat through initial interviews. The Mustangs must now play for their spots. Tabbi and Connie's party circuit entry is a disaster and Trevor falls for slick Molly, but won't commit.
19 Feb. 2008
The Code
Now Aleksei Protopopov is on the team instead of the eldest player, rooms are reassigned. Trevor must bunk with Damon. The 'code' says affairs are allowed on the road, and this is their first game in Boston with a rookie, traditionally an orgy in nightclub Lagoon, where Trevor is seduced. Coach Louis appreciates captain Gabe's honesty but lays down the law: no more debauchery. The girls do a hockey wives calendar, but Connie's 'modern alternative' when she discovers' it's lingerie isn't exactly a hit. Mandy can't handle what she finds in Damon's apartment. Molly gets ...
26 Feb. 2008
Reality Check
Before the Mustangs face the Demons, who beat them thrice in a row, Damon and Tony Rizelli have a private row, promising to continue it on the ice. Damon wins but is suspended because Tony ends up in coma. Trevor takes Demon in, but is 'rewarded' with a wild party. Molly rejects her mother's offered 'financial help' and apparently even her advice to keep the shares rather then sell cheaply to board tycoon Stern. Gabe tries to sooth Tony's wife, who made him play without safety equipment, but plans to sue the Mustangs, and helps Connie safety-proof her daycare center ...
4 Mar. 2008
Sudden Death
Gabe has picked a ring for Connie, but she rather turns down the romantic evening he planned to propose in style than tell him the truth: she's desperate now her first therapy failed. Molly's adoring neighbor and scorned admirer Doug has snapped and kidnapped her. Next he walks into the Mustangs stadium and holds Malcolm at gun point demanding to be allowed one 'test match'. Doc was giving notice, but stayed to help Damon with his injury, pills problem and nightmares.
11 Mar. 2008
Mad Scramble
Still in hospital, Gabe proposes to Connie, who claims she can't give him the life that he deserves. Neither he nor the press leave her alone. Other players wrestle with mental problems derived from the hostage situation. Damon is in therapy, completely broken down, still tormented by previous issues. Trevor takes time off to lend moral support. Popov gets another intimidating loan shark-reminder. Molly is still missing, the police clueless, so Evelyn puts her trust in a medium, who knows more about kidnapper Donald too.

 Season 1 

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