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B.A.D. Bad
wheaton-732-15037321 July 2013
Ugh I saw this show looking at an actor's profile on IMDb and had to comment, I remember this show now and wish I didn't! It was such a bad show. The acting sticks out to me as the worst part, there are some actually good actors in this but in this they are awful. I suspect it must be the director telling them to act a certain way that just didn't work. Not sure what else to say, I can see what they were going for with this but it just didn't work, the stories were predictable and just not interesting. The jokes weren't even very funny. The acting was terrible and the directing I suspect was even worse. It was just all around a really bad show, I can't believe it is rated 5/10 on IMDb, it's more like 2/10, I think maybe cast or crew or friends and family bumped it up when they were trying to get it renewed.
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Good show, great entertainment
das_00757 March 2008
OK, I want to start off by saying :

a) Don't watch this if you consider hockey a religion b) Don't watch this if you can't stand women in lingerie c) Don't watch this if you can't stand drugs, violence, adultery, cheating etc.

Now that we have settled a few things, let me just say why you SHOULD watch this show : Because it is entertaining.

I don't recall the last time the CBC has offered a show with beautiful women, beautiful men, great acting and a catchy storyline. M.V.P is a big surprise for me, since I had decided not to watch it, thinking it was only a low budget production with strippers in it. I would love to take back what I said, because this show is a gem. It is very underrated and I cannot stand people bashing this show because of the sexuality and mature subject. Hello, there is a warning before the show that warns you not to watch it if you don't like these subjects...

The greatest aspect of the show is the contrast between the lighthearted subjects (which are treated with humor) and the more profound sad realities of life (which mostly revolve around the character of Trebuchet - great acting on his part also). This show should be watched for its entertainment values, I mean who doesn't love seeing women bickering and men fighting?

On another hand, the only bad thing I would point out would be the clichés and stereotypes that these women (in general) live out. The rich and beautiful women who don't care about their kids and end up being leech's, sucking their husband dry, that kinda character. But all in all, every character has a certain charm and intrigue.

Hopefully everyone gives this show a chance, and I actually took the time to write this review (which I don't normally do) because I was saddened by the bad press this show kept getting.
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Bad Show
randycoates17 March 2008
I can't stand this show. CBC touted it so much I gave it three episodes to try to get into it but it didn't get any better after the first episode (like many shows do), in face I think it got worse. The writing is terrible and the acting is bad as well. None of the characters are well rounded, three dimensional or likable. It seems that it won't be on much longer judging by the ratings someone posted and just the "word on the street", and that's a good thing. This show isn't the worst, in face it's not even the worst show on CBC (see Royal Canadian Air Farce for that) but it's a bad show with nothing going for it at all. I'd be really surprised if it kept airing much longer.
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It didn't work.
mdc-929 April 2008
Except for the glossy look, this show had little to recommend it. The writing was patronizing and convoluted. Without exception the characters were shallow and unsympathetic. The female characters came off the worst... reduced to spoiled, selfish airheads whose soul ambition was to run around in slip dresses and stilettos, and try to bag a man. This aspect of the show is all the more curious as the series was produced by two women! The acting for the most part was dull and humourless with the cast playing one dimensional characters attacking every scene on the same note. This is not entirely the actors fault. Had they spent more time developing the characters and the storyline, adding a little injection of style and humour, MVP might have been a hit. What we're left with is something flat and vaguely unpleasant.
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andykatzlove27 July 2008
MVP was a huge mistake on every level I can possibly imagine. The acting, writing, directing and production as a whole in every way was simply put, pathetic. It is one of those shows where we are left wondering "how did something that bad get put on television in the first place?" The basic premise is that this is a soap-type drama about professional hockey players and their wives. Sorry but whoever thought that just because this is Canada you can make up a show revolving around hockey and have it be good is just plain wrong, this show is terrible. The most annoying thing was the characters, they were all unbelievable and horrible, and that had a lot to do with the awful acting.
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Bring this show back for season 2!
finarose9 March 2008
I just heard it was canceled. This is a HUGE mistake. I went against my best judgment and watched this show even though the advertisements on CBC made it look like an embarrassment. I actually can understand why there were not more viewers. You have to give people a taste of what makes this show addictive to watch and use that in the commercials for it. Instead, the ads make it look like a pitifully lame Canadian Desperate Housewives wannabe. I thought I'd give it a chance anyway just to see how bad it was. I ended up glued to the screen every week. Big budget, fast pace, tongue-in-cheek fun, over the top scandals, EXCITEMENT! It's not brain surgery folks, but this show had it all and now it's gone. Just plain fun to watch.
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This is a fantastic show
adamsjes21 June 2008
I love this show! Why you might ask... well heres 10 reasons why:

1)Its like watching your favorite romance book come to life 2)Theres drama, suspense, sex and of course the virgin 3)There is hockey and I am a huge hockey fan (Go Sabres!) 4)Who doesn't want to find out about the 'insurance policy' key? 5)It isn't reality TV. No one gets voted off the island or is denied a rose. 6)The actors are amazingly hot. And we get to see them shirtless at least once per episode 7)Who doesn't want to know about the tape labeled Rico? 8)Just who will Damon sleep with next? 9)Will Bonnie Connie and Gabe end up together (please oh please) 10) Will Trevor ever stop sleeping around? and what is his tattoo all about?

You just have to watch it and decide for yourself, but at least give it a chance! I love it!
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Tedious Television
worthwood29 July 2018
This show was really hard to watch. Incredibly boring start to finish with awful writing - actors are OK but the show was so stupid it didn't even matter because they are all wasted in this.
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They shoot, we score
bayonett5 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I was a big fan of Footballers' Wives on BBC America and was disappointed that a proposed American spin-off never materialized on U.S. TV. However, M.V.P. more than fills the void left by Footballers' demise.

As of this writing, I've seen three episodes on SoapNet and find the show to be good campy, dirty fun. There is the usual backstabbing and infighting one expects from a nighttime soap, along with the product placement (the cars! the clothes! the decor!), three of the best-looking men on TV, and a number of beautiful women as well. In this sense, the show is not that different from Footballers' Wives.

What I like even more, though--and where I think this show exhibits an improvement over Footballers'--are the characters, which are more than one-dimensional and are often likable. The characters display humor and evoke pathos, along with the crass and sass.

For example, when we meet Damon Trebuchet, we can't help but think, what a jerk! But we soon learn more about him and the grief and responsibility he bears over the loss of his wife and son.

The character of Connie the Virgin runs the risk of being quite ridiculous, but the budding romance between her and Gabe the Captain is quite sweet and sympathetic, rather than unrealistic or cloying.

My favorite character, though, has to be Tabbi, Trevor's girlfriend from Loon Lake. She is played with a lot of verve and humor but, again, never veers into one dimensionality, a la the classic "trailer trash," gold-digger we see on a lot of U.S. TV. She also has her head on straight--the scene where she decides to leave her aging grandmother at the retirement home, then decides, no, Nan's coming along to the city with her, is a beautiful moment. Kudos to the actress playing the grandmother, too; her performance is very moving.

I hope, I hope, I hope, someone gets the smart idea to pick up another season of this show, perhaps as a Canada-U.S. co-production. It would be a shame to see such an almost-perfect entertainment put in the penalty box just as the game gets interesting.
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amazing show
grc42 August 2012
MVP is a great show it has everything to it sports, suspense, romance, and drama. This is one of my favorite shows and i know a lot of people love it! I really wish they never took it off the air. It really is a show that is unlike a lot others.It was very unique and i never seen a show like it. Plus, i really enjoyed the acting and writing and i think that all the actors had a lot of chemistry. This show needs to be re-made or needs to be back on the air! Or at least they could have ended the show without any cliffhangers because i still wonder what could have happened to all the characters if the show was never canceled. I love MVP!!
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