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12 Nov. 2005
Un masque pour deux
One of the problems you face when you're invisible is that without your mask, you're nobody. And worse still, if someone else wears your mask, that persons turns into you!
5 Nov. 2005
L'homme invisible contre l'homme invisible
When Magnapolis becomes a target for an invisible super-villain, how can the Invisible Man prove that he is not the criminal? After all, they are both invisible.
26 Nov. 2005
Mon ami trop visible
Being invisible is not a great asset when you have to catch a giant ape on the rampage. And, if it's your own pet monkey that has mutated into a giant, and you're the only person who knows how to shrink him back to normal size, then it's clearly your problem!
29 Oct. 2005
Halloween express
A forgotten mansion in the old quarter of Magnapolis conceals a terrible secret. Held captive in the mansion is an evil phantom known as 'The Sorcerer', waiting until some unfortunate frees him and becomes the first victim of his horrendous powers. It has to be the perfect place for Alan and his friends to hold a Halloween party!
21 Jan. 2006
In certain situations being invisible can be very advantageous. For example, you can be a perfect spy - the only person able to discover the intimate secrets of the most unapproachable pop star of the day. You can see what to everyone else is .... invisible.
28 Jan. 2006
Haute technologie
No one can hide from the all-seeing eyes of Magnapolis' new police robots. They can even see things that are .... invisible! This is a very real problem for our invisible avenger, because these robots are nothing less than corrupt policemen ....
15 Jul. 2006
L'homme qui disparaissait
Invisibility seems more like a trick of magic than a faculty granted to a superhero. Indeed, if there was a magician in town able to turn invisible, wouldn't he be the Invisible Man? But obviously, anything to do with magic is not always what it seems ....
26 Aug. 2006
Le Schblurb
If we succeed in turning an invisible superhero into a fluorescent superhero, then we have effectively neutralised his special powers, and left him at the mercy of his evil enemies.

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