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Primetime Emmy Awards 2007

Primetime Emmy
Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or More)
Lawrence Gordon (executive producer)
Mike Richardson (executive producer)
Lloyd Levin (executive producer)
Stephen R. Brown (executive producer)
Morris Berger (executive producer)
John W. Hyde (executive producer)
Michael Wolf (animation executive producer)
Stephanie Elliott (animation producer)
Tad Stones (supervising producer/director/story by/screenplay by)
Scott D. Greenberg (producer)
Scott Hemming (producer)
Sidney Clifton (producer)
Phil Weinstein (director)
Mike Mignola (story by)
Matt Wayne (screenplay by)
Gordon Kent (animation timing director)
Art Vitello (animation timing director)
Russell Calabrese (timer)
Eddy Houchins (timer)
James T. Walker (timer)
Jungja Wolf (timer)

Annie Awards 2007

Best Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production
Adam Van Wyk

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