Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) Poster

Alexandra Daddario: Annabeth



  • Grover : [holding up the Medusa head]  Guys, I can't pee with her watching me.

    [the passing maid sees the head, screams, and runs off] 

    Grover : Sorry, guys. I messed up. I should have closed the curtains.

    Annabeth Chase : Come on, guys. Let's hit the road before Homeland Security shows up.

  • [last lines] 

    [Annabeth leaning in as if to kiss Percy, then swiping his sword] 

    Annabeth Chase : Whoa! Whoa! Wait!

    Percy Jackson : First rule of battle strategy. Don't ever let your opponent distract you.

  • Percy Jackson : [seeing the red flag across the stream]  No...

    [Percy hurries across the stream, chuckling] 

    Percy Jackson : I won.

    [Annabeth drops from the trees] 

    Percy Jackson : Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

    Annabeth Chase : Did you really think it would be that easy? My mother is goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. Do you know what that means? I always win.

    Percy Jackson : I always lose. Maybe we're both wrong.

    [Annabeth attacks] 

  • Percy Jackson : I get the sense that you don't like me very much.

    Annabeth Chase : It's possible. I mean, our parents hate each other.

    Percy Jackson : Wait... they do?

    Annabeth Chase : Mmm-hmm. I definitely have strong feelings for you. I just haven't decided if they're positive or negative yet.

    Percy Jackson : Well, you let me know... when you figure it out.

    Annabeth Chase : You'll be the first.

  • Medusa : We get so lonely here. Don't we? That's why I create my statues. They're my only company, daughter of Athena.

    Annabeth Chase : How do you know me?

    Medusa : You have such beautiful hair. I once had hair like that. I was courted, desired by many suitors. But that all changed because of your mother, the woman who cursed me. Who turned me...

    [removing her hair cover] 

    Annabeth Chase : [to Hysterical Woman]  Don't look!

    Medusa : ...into this!

    [snakes hissing] 

    Medusa : They say the eyes are windows to the soul. I hope you find my eyes...

    [removing her glasses] 

    Medusa : ...attractive... So rude, not looking people in the eyes. Come on. Sneak a peak.

  • Annabeth Chase : [bringing Percy and Grover to Luke's quarters]  Luke?

    Luke : [playing Call of Duty on a big flat-screen monitor]  Hmm? Hey, guys. Percy. I figured you'd stop by sooner or later. Everybody does... to get away from all that Renaissance Fair stuff out there, you know?

    [Luke turns off the video game, stands, and gestures at all his electronics in the quarters] 

    Luke : But, uh... welcome to the modern world.

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