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Sex & Nudity

  • One character's father is a drag queen who works in a club.
  • In one scene, a character attempts to show a girl that some of her previous actions were dangerous. He is seen dimming the lights, grabbing her wrist forcefully, and pinning her to the bed, him shirtless and her in a sun dress or nightgown. She reasons with him and realizes he was simply trying to intimidate her and had no real intention of harming her.
  • All members of a certain female-only club have a lesbian romance.
  • In another scene a girl and another girl accidentally kiss (it was meant to be a peck on the cheek but one girl was knocked into the other), and an image of this is shown later in the series.
  • Some members of the Host Club often fawn over the protagonist (hug her, fantasize about her in various getups, etc) but this is all harmless and never graphic, simply the crushes of a few teenage boys.
  • The show centers around a group of boys running a host club, in which they entertain guests and host various events. This is more romantic than sexual, with the boys just having tea and talking to the girls in a romantic way, and is never graphic or inappropriate.
  • Each host has a certain character type they use to attract guests. Identical twin brothers use 'brotherly love' as their main feature, which is described as a somewhat taboo, mischievous relationship between brothers who struggle between a sexual attraction and their deep friendship. However, this is mostly an act for when girls are around.
  • A girl pins a boy to a couch suddenly when she realizes he doesn't love her. The scene cuts before anything happens.

Violence & Gore

  • Some characters are skilled masters of martial arts, and there are a few fighting scenes, but it never turns to gore.
  • In one scene, in response to a rude remark, a girl slaps a boy in the face. This scene is somewhat intense and the boy is visibly affected by her reaction.
  • A father slaps his son in the face in front of a crowd of people. This is also quite shocking.
  • Tamaki burns his hand on tea accidentally.
  • In one scene, a vase drops from a windowsill and one character lunges in the way to protect another. The one who lunged gets a cut on his cheek from the vase.
  • Sometimes characters hit each other, fall, etc. but usually in a comical and lighthearted way.


  • Light profanity is used sometimes, "bastard", "crap", "jackass/ass", "damn" etc.
  • The protagonist occasionally says "damn these rich people", or "these damn rich people" in moments of frustration.
  • "No way in hell, senpai."
  • The derogatory term "tranny" is used multiple times by members of the Host Club to describe a character that is a transvestite.
  • A young boy exclaims, "They're homos!" when he sees the Hitachin Twins' act.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In one episode the main character is offered wine she politely declines and says "alcohol is illegal" however this episode is a parody of Alice in wonderland and is all in a dream

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one scene, a boy feels that his relationship with a girl is threatened by her relationship with an old friend. He makes rude remarks and outbursts in an attempt to understand his feelings. Some viewers might find his struggle to work out his feelings intense.
  • The protagonist's fear of thunder might scare some viewers, as she is often intensely afraid and crying when there is thunder or lightning.
  • The scene in which a boy tries to intimidate the protagonist might be frightening.

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