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28 Jul. 2006
Todd Strikes Out
When the coach of Todd and Riley's baseball team, Coach Pops, subs out their best hitter for their worst, Shelton, just so that he can have a go, the team loses again. So Todd decides to call Fleemco to replace Pops with a pro-baseball player who knows what he's doing.
28 Jul. 2006
The Jerky Girls
Riley and her friends, Abbey and Tasumi, are trying to sell beef jerky for the Happy Hornet's Annual Beef Jerky Charity Fundraising Contest, which they lose every year to another troupe. Scoutleader Susan, leader of Riley's troupe, is such a stickler for the rules, they could never possibly win. So Riley calls Fleemco for a replacement, someone who knows how to sell and won't get caught up in a lot of little rules.
8 Sep. 2006
Riley changes her appearance in order to impress a boy at her school's fall dance.
23 Sep. 2006
The Majestic Horse
After Riley becomes obsessed with wanting a horse, Dick purchases a mule for her.
14 Oct. 2006
Halloween Spirits
When Riley and Todd learn that a call to Fleemco did not replace their neighbors the Kelpmans, they fear that their neighbors have turned into zombies and plan to do the same to trick-or-treaters.
9 Dec. 2006
Best Friends For-Never
Conflict ensues between Riley and her two best friends.
9 Dec. 2006
Running from Office
When Riley and Tasumi get in a huge best friend fight, their parents send them to the school counselor to work out their problems. / It's a battle of the siblings when Todd and Riley run against each other for student council. As the election heats up, each one replaces the teachers sponsoring their campaigns to give them more of a competitive edge.

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