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Best and Worst of Italian TV
tcerbone-118 January 2011
Pure Italian satire, even though it has been around for quite some time, "Striscia" still makes people laugh while providing a service for those in need of being heard, by exposing the misdeeds of those in government positions and the like.

That is achieved through a TV news style, with news read to the public and reports from comedians/journalists/athletes and others so-called professionals.

Unfortunately, as in most television programs in Italy there's the exploitation of sex, obtained with the use of half-naked adolescent dancers as a tool to maximize the ratings, and that, with regrets, makes my rating for "Striscia" not higher than a seven.

Greggio and Iacchetti (The usual and most loved presenters) are undeniably the best suited for the program.
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I don't like it anymore
nablaquadro7 January 2007
"Striscia la Notizia" is possibly the most famous and lasting TV-show in Italy still living. Aired for the first time in fall 1988 as supplement of the 80s' comedy shows by Antonio Ricci, eventually resisted through the years, evolving, becoming a Cult for millions people. Initially it started as a parody of real bulletins, giving curious news or the facts translated in satire. Slowly, gathering a (unexpected I suppose) big success, maintaining the access time placing (moving from the second channel Italia 1 to the first Canale 5 in 1990), they dared a bit more, giving special prominence to injustices and wastes too, earning the trust of the public. Today they abused of the quite good successes obtained in the past (see Wanna Marchi case) and became a repetitive venting valve for municipal wastes or small single injustices anybody really cares.

In difficulties with audience they didn't spare hypocritical accusations in terms of intriguing against the challenging show that stole them precious share points, revealing their mean nature: instead of a fair competition they preferred discredit. With their beautiful valets called "Veline" they've cemented the myth of beauty in teenager girls, as only qualification to succeed. It's what this show became that I blame. Early editions, in facts, were quite entertaining, but now is an untouchable stronghold of power, living on old achievements. Furthermore, Striscia put upside-down TV-schedules, influencing negatively the other principal channels and the concept itself of prime-time (delaying the start to 21,30), forcing to watch a complete movie or show until midnight.
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