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Ellen Burstyn: Murph (Older)



  • Murph : [as Cooper holds his now elderly daughter's hands]  Nobody believed me, but I knew you'd come back.

    Cooper : How?

    Murph : ...Because my dad promised me.

  • Cooper : I'm here now, Murph. I'm here.

    Murph : No. No parent should have to watch their own child die. I have my kids here for me now. You go.

    Cooper : Where?

    Murph : Brand. She's... out there. Setting up camp. Alone, in a strange galaxy. Maybe right now, she's settling in for the long nap. By the light of our new sun. In our new home.

  • [Cooper returns to see Murph as an old woman] 

    Cooper : It was me, Murph... I was your ghost.

    Murph : I know. They didn't believe me, they thought I was doing it all myself. But...

    [points to the watch] 

    Murph : I knew who it was.

  • [First Lines] 

    Murph : Well, my dad was a farmer. Um, like everybody else back then. Of course, he didn't start that way.

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