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Fred Dalton Thompson: President Ulysses S. Grant


  • General Sherman : [after Custer and his men are massacred at the Battle of the Little Bighorn]  The man was a fuckin' idiot. Splits his forces? Daylight raid, high noon?

    Henry Dawes : An idiot, perhaps, but he had his orders, Mr. President. Drive the Sioux out of the Black Hills onto the ration rolls, so we could get to that damn gold. The Sioux resisted.

    General Sherman : Resisted? Bullshit!

    Henry Dawes : They *resisted*, General Sherman.

    President Ulysses S. Grant : Blocking a roundhouse to the chin is "resistance", Henry. Massacring five companies of cavalry...

    Henry Dawes : I am not defending their brutality, Mr. President. The Sioux resisted because by the '68 treaty, this land is theirs, and we had no legal...

    General Sherman : That treaty was also only supposed to feed them for four years. And yet here we are, eight years later, and you Senators are passing a million-a-year appropriation to keep filling their bellies. Why?

    Henry Dawes : To keep them from starving, General.

    President Ulysses S. Grant : And that's all it's done. Made them beggars. Hasn't advanced them one bit. Those smart enough not to sign...

    General Sherman : Do this!

    Henry Dawes : They were attacked by us first.

    General Sherman : [chuckles]  And what would you have us do, Dawes? Cut and run?

    Henry Dawes : Mr. President, this is a senseless argument.

    General Sherman : A senseless argument? Do you know what they did to those men on that hill? They did things even I've never seen before.

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