Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) Poster

Lacey Chabert: Sandra



  • Connor Mead : I am begging you: don't run away. You and Paul have something so rare, so powerful! Don't chicken out now.

    Sandra : "Don't chicken out"? He cheated.

    Connor Mead : Get over it. It was years ago! With some slutty friend of yours! A friend, incidentally, that you're not even mad at. And you know why? Because you don't actually care. You love Paul so much you forgave him the second you heard, and that's what scares you.

    Sandra : You have no idea how I feel. No idea!

    Connor Mead : Yes, I do. I've been in your shoes. You know what? It scared the hell out of me too. What if she hurt me? What if she left me? What if she died? It would have been the end of me. So I cut it short, before she ever could. And you know what? It was the biggest mistake I ever made. And you're making the same mistake right now, and I'll be goddamned if I'm going to sit by and watch. You've got to risk love, Sandra! I didn't and look at me! I'm a lonely ghost of a man. It doesn't mean that you're never going to get hurt, but the pain you feel will never compare to the regret that comes from walking away from love. And from someone who's felt a lot of both, trust me, pain beats regret every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Don't run away. Don't do it.

    Sandra : I can't believe I'm saying this but, uh, I think you might be right.

    Connor Mead : So. Do you want to get married?

    Sandra : I do.

    Connor Mead : You do?

    Sandra : Yes!

  • Sergeant Volkom : It's not complicated. Our guests are represented by the Allies. Paul, you and your guests are Nazis.

    Paul : I'll try not to read into that, sir.

    Sergeant Volkom : Blue frogmen are non-requisite support personnel. Waiters, photographers, caterers, band members and so forth.

    Jenny Perotti : Oh, Donna, look. You got a grenade launcher.

    Donna the Bridesmaid : Oh, my God, I love grenade launchers.

    [Jenny looks at Donna and smiles] 

    Sandra : Daddy, you're not showing off your seating chart, are you?

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