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18 Jan. 2015
Episode dated 18 January 2015
Today: Brian talks with Caroline Fourest, former Charlie Hebdo journalist, about the current situation in Paris. Then, Frank Sesno talks about the CNN and other large news stations not showing controversial cartoons and articles. And, rebuttals to the FBI comments on the press using Al Queda as a news source and the 'circus of hypocrisy' as world leaders joined last week in Paris.
25 Jan. 2015
Episode dated 25 January 2015
Former NFL players on Deflate Gate coverage, new "American Sniper" box office numbers and who is running for the Repulican nomination and parents of 2 Aurora shooting victims.
1 Feb. 2015
Episode dated 1 February 2015
After 400 days in an Egyptian prison, Al Jazeera correspondent Peter Greste is free. CNN's Ian Lee has the latest from Cairo. Why do Obama administration officials and some in the press shy away from labels like "terrorists" and "Islamic terrorism?" Ahmed Shihab-Eldin and SE Cupp weigh in. The first Super Bowl was televised by NBC and CBS - but neither network has the footage anymore! Jack Whitaker, a play-by-play announcer at that historic game, describes the on- and off-the-field rivalries. There is one copy of the CBS telecast of Super Bowl I, discovered in a ...
8 Feb. 2015
Episode dated 8 February 2015
This week's show focuses on Brian Williams and his future with NBC after his statements concerning his embellishment of his experience in a helicopter in Iraq. Will he be able to return to the news desk? And, does NBC have a trust problem with their recent history of missteps. Also, Renee Richards joins Brian to discuss the ongoing press over Bruce Jenner's decisions and car accident.
15 Feb. 2015
Episode dated 15 February 2015
This week was a "shock to the system" for journalists everywhere. Brian Stelter discussed it with the legendary journalist and author Carl Bernstein, then followed up on recent scrutiny of Brian Williams' claims about SEAL Team Six with a former member of the team, Don Mann. Will Williams be able to return to his "NBC Nightly News" chair? Stelter, Bernstein and former CNN war correspondent Michael Ware weighed in. NBC News was in turmoil even before the Williams controversy began. Andrew Heyward, a former president of CBS News, provided the perspective of a network ...
22 Feb. 2015
Episode dated 22 February 2015
Another week, another television personality under fire. This time, it's Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly. Former CBS news correspondent Eric Engberg disputes O'Reilly's claims about his time covering the Falklands War. And how do the charges against O'Reilly compare to the allegations levied against Brian Williams? Will the media response be the same? Brian Stelter brings on Daily Beast Columnist Jeff Greenfield for his take on the O'Reilly controversy. Then, what does the future hold for NBC Nightly News? Inside Edition Anchor Deborah Norville joins Brian Stelter to ...
1 Mar. 2015
Episode dated 1 March 2015
First: New questions arise about cable news' biggest star, Bill O'Reilly, and his reliability. Are there comparisons to the recent mistakes made by NBC's Brian Williams? Then, media mogul Byron Allen gives his opinions about the inequities in cable, namely Comcast, providers between white and racially diverse content. And, this week's explosion over 'the dress' and the start of House of Cards.
8 Mar. 2015
Episode dated 8 March 2015
Today: New complaints surface about Fox News' Bill O'Reilly but this time it's from a group of nuns? Former Fox host Eris joins Brian to discuss. Then new reports just released show that Brian Williams was considering a change of career before his forced hiatus. Plus and update on Hillary Clinton's email scandal, Rep. Presdential candidate Ben Carson's homophobic comments and more.
15 Mar. 2015
Episode dated 15 March 2015
Today's guests include: Karne Kaiser Associated Press Gereal Counsel, Christopher Ruddy CEO & President, Newsmax Media, on Hillary Clinton. An interview with filmmaker Alex Gibney on "Going Clear" documentary on Scientology. Marc Lamont Hill from HuffPost LIve discuses Ferguson MO media coverage.
22 Mar. 2015
Episode dated 22 March 2015
Today: Robert Durst's lawyer lashes out at the producers of HBO's 'The Jinx'. Then, a scoop on Rolling Stone's story about rape on campus. Also, did the Secret Service coverup a possible car accident after to agents were drinking a driving in an agency car.
29 Mar. 2015
Episode dated 29 March 2015
Today: A look at breaking news on crash of Germanwing's Flight 9525 retrieved from the plane's flight recorder. And is there too much coverage of this tragic story? Then, a new documentary about Scientology and the church's effort to have it go unwatched. Also, how is the press, specifically the Iranian press, about that country's nuclear plans.
5 Apr. 2015
Episode dated 5 April 2015
Today: A look at Rolling Stone on its story about a rape on the UVA campus on the heels of new information being released from Columbia University. Then, did the New York Times spike a column about Harry Reid because it wasn't nice enough? Also, is Trevor Noah's replacing John Stewart a bold or a bad move? And, a look at Indiana and Arkansas' new religious freedom bills.
12 Apr. 2015
Episode dated 12 April 2015
Brian Stelter interviews Marco Rubio Spokesperson's Alex Conanat, Carl Bernstein on Hillay Clinton's 2016 chances. Chris Lehane and S.E. Cup discuss if there is a "Clinton Bias" in the press.
19 Apr. 2015
Episode dated 19 April 2015
Today: Reliable Sources features unique voices on the Brian Williams scandal, former congressman Anthony Weiner joins Reliable to give his take on the first week of the Hillary Clinton campaign and its press coverage, Politico reporter Hadas Gold and RNC Chief Strategist Sean Spicer weigh in on the influence of Fox News in the search for a GOP presidential nominee, Filmmaker Patrick Gavin discusses the White House Correspondents' Dinner and Brian analyzes ABC's decision to air a two-hour exclusive Bruce Jenner special this week.
26 Apr. 2015
Episode dated 26 April 2015
Today: Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi shares the latest on NBC's probe into Brian Williams' reporting past and what may be ahead for the suspended anchor. This week's ABC exclusive interview with Bruce Jenner about his transition from man to woman set rating highs. But do ratings translate into acceptance? Brian has on GLAAD president and a trangender journalist to discuss.Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron says charges against the U.S. journalist being held in Iran are "ludicrous" and calls for continued efforts to ensure his release. Veteran ...
3 May 2015
Episode dated 3 May 2015
Frank Sesno talks with Baltimore Councilwoman Helen Holton about the the current state of her city and her opinions about solutions to move forward. Then, two CNN contributors and NPR host Steve Inskeep join the show to talk about the media's coverage of the Baltimore riots. And resident Devin Allen, an aspiring photographer and reporter, gives insight on his coverage and images of the riots.
10 May 2015
Episode dated 10 May 2015
Today: "Clinton Cash" author Peter Schweizer joins Reliable Sources to discuss the huge media response to his book and his strategy in rolling out the controversial allegations. As the deflategate scandal puts the New England Patriots and the NFL back in the spotlight, two journalists join Reliable Sources to discuss the essential nature of investigative journalism in sports reporting. ISIS expert Michael Weiss analyzes the social media behavior of ISIS in the wake of increased security alerts in the U.S. tied to the terrorist group's use of twitter. Reliable Sources ...
17 May 2015
Episode dated 17 May 2015
Today: Brian "Clinton Cash" author Peter Schweizer says revelations that ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos donated to the Clinton Foundation puts the newsman's hard-hitting interview with Schweizer in a different light. Stelter questions former U.S. diplomat Joseph Wilson about the challenges for a reporter in attempting to uncover the truth about covert military operations. Brian Stelter analyzes the response from both sides of the aisle to comments made by Obama this week regarding how media covers poverty.
31 May 2015
Episode dated 31 May 2015
Today: Two journalists get into a spirited debate over whether or not Brian Williams can come back to NBC in any capacity. Then, The GOP primary season will be crowded with candidates in the upcoming race to the While House. On the Dem side, there is a clear frontrunner. And, how does the press make editorial decisions about whom to cover? A political journalist and a well-known attorney join Brian to explore the recent charges of misconduct levied against former House Speaker Dennis Hastert and why these claims are just now coming to light.
7 Jun. 2015
Episode dated 7 June 2015
Today: Caitlyn Jenner's big reveal on Vanity Fair. The Duggar family's response to molestation allegations on Fox News. Two very different stories requiring two very different tactical public responses. Publicity experts join Reliable to break them down. And, two media experts join Reliable Sources to examine the untold story of the Brian Williams controversy -- what the future will hold for Lester Holt. Also, In anticipation of CNN's upcoming 1970s documentary series, Brian Stelter sat down with Norman Lear, the prolific television producer who created groundbreaking...
14 Jun. 2015
Episode dated 14 June 2015
Today's topics on "Reliable Sources": Debate Debate: how many candidates on stage?, Hillary Clinton ready to give interviews, Where Fox fits in Murdoch's succession plan, and Did Duggar reporting go too far?
21 Jun. 2015
Episode dated 21 June 2015
Today: Brian Stelter speaks with former MSNBC executive Dan Abrams about the repercussions of Brian Williams' new job handling breaking news on MSNBC. And, Raphael James, WCSC Charleston news anchor, tells Brian Stelter about the hardships of covering a heartbreaking local story. Then, activist Deray McKesson and Brian Stelter discuss loaded language and accusations of media bias in the coverage of the Charleston church massacre.
28 Jun. 2015
Episode dated 28 June 2015
Today: Sam Champion and his husband join Brian to talk about his coming out and the recent and past changes in gay rights and how it effects television. Then, Richard Goldstein, former editor of The Village Voice, discusses how LGBT coverage has changed in the media. And, a panel asks the question of media's influence on the gay marriage decision.
5 Jul. 2015
Episode dated 5 July 2015
This week's show topics: Alan Garten, Donald Trump's general counsel, about Trump's lawsuit against Univision and possible legal action against NBC. Interviews reporters and Donald Trump supporters at a campaign stop in Bedford, N.H. Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, tells Brian Stelter about the media company's legal battle with wrestler Hulk Hogan over a blog post about a sex tape. Emilio Delgado, the actor who plays "Luis" on Sesame Street, speaks about Donald Trump's racially-tinged remarks and the power of children's media.
12 Jul. 2015
Episode dated 12 July 2015
Michael Cohen, special counsel to Donald Trump, addresses news media coverage of his boss and says the candidate is "authentic." Kate Bohner, who co-wrote a book with Donald Trump, tells Brian Stelter about her experiences working with the presidential candidate. Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas describes the Spanish language network's focus on immigration and reacts to Donald Trump's lawsuit against the network. The rise and fall of Reddit CEO Ellen Pao
19 Jul. 2015
Episode dated 19 July 2015
Today: Brian Stelter speaks with Nate Cohn of The New York Times and GOP media consultant Rick Wilson about Trump's inflammatory John McCain comments. And, Political analyst Jeff Greenfield explains why presidential candidate Donald Trump needs serious media scrutiny. Then, Should imprisoned journalist Jason Rezaian be labeled a "hostage" of Iran? Marty Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post, speaks with Brian Stelter.
26 Jul. 2015
Episode dated 26 July 2015
Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee's chief strategist, supports 10-person debate plan and says GOP in-fighting must stop. In light of a story that divided the Gawker staff, Brian Stelter speaks with Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, about the future of his company. David Yepsen, former Des Moines Register columnist, and Craig Robinson, editor of, examine Trump's testiness with the press.
2 Aug. 2015
Episode dated 2 August 2015
Today: Jennifer Palmieri, who wrote a scathing letter to The Times about errors in a recent story, tells Brian Stelter why she decided to speak out so forcefully. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson decries "third grade playground tactics" in an interview with Brian Stelter. And, Andy Kroll, a staff writer for the National Journal, explains his decision to swear off Trump and why he says other journalists should do the same.
9 Aug. 2015
Episode dated 9 August 2015
Media questions of the week: Is Donald Trump Unraveling?, is Fox News the reason why? Jorge Ramos comments on the GOP debate. Guest include Carl Bernstein, Abby Huntsman, David Zurawik, and Omarosa Manigault, and Katrina Campins from the "The Apprentice"
16 Aug. 2015
Episode dated 16 August 2015
Today: Jackie Calmes, national correspondent for the New York Times, on the "healthy suspicion" of Fox News that some conservatives have. CNN correspondent Will Ripley tells Brian Stelter about going viral on the social networking site Weibo while covering the massive explosion in Tianjin. Former RNC communications director Doug Heye and NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen discuss strategies for holding Trump accountable in interviews. And, CNN hosts Michael Smerconish and Brian Stelter discuss Morton Downey, Jr.'s influence on modern ideological television and radio.
23 Aug. 2015
Episode dated 23 August 2015
Today: Writer Frank Rich on Trump's domination of press coverage over the other Republican candidates. Then, Janice Min from the Hollywood Reporter on her recent interview with Donald Trump and how seriously should we take his campaign when he appears on both Time, Rolling Stone and an entertainment magazine? And, Pulitzer Prize winning Jose Antonio Vargas on the use of the term 'anchor baby' and the topic of immigration in the current Presidential campaign.
30 Aug. 2015
Episode dated 30 August 2015
Remembering the Slain Virginia journalists with Jeff Marks General manager of WDBJ. Did the media go too far in VA shooting coverage? Jorge Ramos interviewed about showdown in Iowa between himself vs. Donald Trump. And Doris Kearns Goodwin on the presidental campaign so far.
6 Sep. 2015
Episode dated 6 September 2015
Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt discusses Donald Trump's stumbles in a recent interview and answers Trump's criticisms. Cornel West and Marc Lamont Hill respond to recent characterizations of Black Lives Matter as a "hate group" and a "murder movement." Brian Stelter and Maggie Haberman look at nontraditional candidate Bernie Sanders' traditional complaint about the press. As Stephen Colbert prepares for his CBS debut, comedian and radio host John Fugelsang talks with Brian Stelter about late-night TV's political bookings.
13 Sep. 2015
Episode dated 13 September 2015
Today: CNN anchor Jake Tapper tells Brian Stelter about how he plans to moderate Wednesday's GOP debate. Then, the famed talk show host Dick Cavett tells Brian Stelter about the symbiosis of politics and entertainment candidates run the late-night gauntlet. And Arwa Damon, CNN senior international correspondent, describes her journalistic obligation to share the stories of refugees.
20 Sep. 2015
Episode dated 20 September 2015
Today: Political columnist Ana Marie Cox and Politico chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush weigh in on press treatment of Trump, Clinton and other candidates. David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun's TV critic, and David Folkenflik, NPR's media correspondent, analyze CNN's GOP debate and what the record viewership represents. And, when Donald Trump tries to sow doubt about President Obama's citizenship, how should media figures respond? Brian speaks to Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg. Plus, Paul Vallely, the author of "Pope Francis: Untying the Knots," and CNN anchor ...
4 Oct. 2015
Episode dated 4 October 2015
Today: Larry Lessig says he's running for president for one reason: to initiate sweeping campaign finance reform. He tells Brian Stelter why he feels the media isn't taking him seriously. And, a campaign called "No Notoriety" encourages the media to deny "fame" to mass shooters. Brian Stelter speaks with the leaders of the effort. Plus, s self-mockery now a must for presidential hopefuls? Brian Stelter speaks with Los Angeles Times assistant managing editor Christina Bellantoni.
11 Oct. 2015
Episode dated 11 October 2015
Today; A verdict and a sentence are reached for NY Times reporter Jason Rezaian but no information has been released. Is he really a 'spy' or just a political tool? Then, Trump's Special Counsel Michael Cohen talks to Brian and about how the press has been unfair to his boss. And, NY Times Executive Editor talks about the state of his paper and the future of print.
18 Oct. 2015
Episode dated 18 October 2015
Today: Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein discusses campaign coverage of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and prospective candidate Joe Biden. And, Sean Spicer, the RNC's chief strategist, discusses negotiations over CNBC's upcoming debate and a new spat between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. He says GOP candidates should "stop litigating" the past and focus on future plans.
25 Oct. 2015
Episode dated 25 October 2015
Today: Examining the media's narrative about Clinton and Biden. Exclusive interview with Phil Donahue. Rick Santorum combats the "siloing" of the news, and Unpacking Amazon's "proxy war" with The New York Times.
1 Nov. 2015
Episode dated 1 November 2015
Today: CNN's Dylan Byers, Presidential Candidate Jim Gilmore and David Bohrman on the fiasco with CNBC's debate and today's Republican Candidates meeting to discuss the future of their national debates. And, Dan Rather on his 'darkest hour'.
8 Nov. 2015
Episode dated 8 November 2015
Today: Coverage of Donald Trump's SNL appearance with commentary from Jay Mohr and Felix Sanchez. A discussion concerning the media's coverage of Ben Carson's past is made with CNN's Maeve Reston that leads into a review of the film, "Spotlight". Brian Stetler also interviews HBO CEO, Richard Plepler, about the future of streaming video.
22 Nov. 2015
Episode dated 22 November 2015
Fareed Zakaria analysis how the media covers ISIS. Jeff Greenfield, Michael Oreskes and Frank Sesno speak with Brian Stelter about Donald Trump's incendiary comments about 9/11 and other media controversies. Media outlets are "hungry for war" and forgetting the lessons of 9/11, says Glenn Greenwald, a co-founding editor of The Intercept.
29 Nov. 2015
Episode dated 29 November 2015
Today: Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik and NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik discuss judgment calls in the coverage of Planned Parenthood attack. Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson speaks with Brian Stelter about fact-checks of Trump's claims and says "the media is against him." Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation, says media should be more aggressively call out "lies" from Donald Trump and other politicians.
6 Dec. 2015
Episode dated 6 December 2015
Is the love-hate relationship between Donald Trump and media reaching a boiling point? Dylan Byers, Rick Wilson, McKay Coppins discuss with Brian Stelter.
13 Dec. 2015
Episode dated 13 December 2015
Reliable Sources featuring: How Wolf Blitzer is preparing to moderate the next GOP debate. Who bought Nevada's biggest paper? It's a mystery. New York Daily News editor defends incendiary front pages. Plus Examining the media narrative about the next debate
20 Dec. 2015
Episode dated 20 December 2015
Today: The New York Times admits "system failure" in reporting on San Bernardino attackers' social media use. Eric Deggans, Jane Hall and David Zurawik chime in.When the Las Vegas Review-Journal was sold, the buyer's identity was a mystery. Jennifer Robison, Howard Stutz and James DeHaven reveal what happened next. And, A.O. Scott, chief film critic at The New York Times, explores why "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is blasting past prior box office records.
27 Dec. 2015
Episode dated 27 December 2015
Brian is joined by NPR's Senior VP of News Michael Oreskes, Cosmpolitan's Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles and AP's Senior VP and Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll discuss the biggest stories and mistakes from the media in 2015. And, Brian interviews Virginia shooting survivor Vicki Gardner.

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