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One of the best concert DVD's.
halumsden817 August 2006
From start to finish End of An Era is one of the best concert DVD's I have ever watched. The picture and sound quality is by far superior to any other DVD concert I have seen. They are in top form and playing like a tight unit they are. Since they are playing in Helsinki they do talk to the audience in Finnish but don't let that bother you. You can figure out what there saying. If you have End of Innocence or Wishes to Eternity you will have no problem watching and enjoying this DVD. You will see how the band has come along in the years and performances. I highly recommend this DVD. If you get a chance to watch or purchase this DVD get before it is gone.
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One of the Best Live Performance of all time
Danish_Psycho15 November 2010
Okay, I haven't seen that many Live Performances to actually give a qualified award of the all-time best. But this concert is unbelievably great. Until I saw the live performance of Ever Dream, I never really liked the song, but now it's my favorite. The live version is far better than the studio version. If they had done Dead to the World and End of all Hope it would have gotten 10 out of 10. Either way. The pyrotechnics are great, Tarja's costume changes are quite entertaining, and the band gives it all they can. There are no breaks in the video, just non-stop epic music. A must see for all fans of symphonic metal. I really wish I had been there myself.
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And what an era it was.
lars_hendrikx5 November 2012
This is without doubt my favorite concert of all time.

The camera-work, the effects and of course the music. Of course, the rating is high because mainly Nightwish fans have watched it, which is natural. You don't start watching a Nightwish DVD when you've never heard about them.

This DVD shows the quality of Nightwish. During certain songs, they can get the entire crowd silent (Ghost Love Score). You can see people crying during the concert because they are overwhelmed by the music, a beautiful sight. I don't deny being a huge Nightwish fan which might influence my rating and review, but you can definitely tell they are doing a very good job during this concert. This is one the few bands that's better live than in the studio. You can really enjoy their music with the ambiance this concert brings.

Definitely a recommendation if you love this era of Nightwish.
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if you love Gothic symphonic metal- you will love this
gothq18 November 2008
As a HUGE fan of nightwish i was so excited to get this for my 16th birthday and i must say i was not disappointed. This is an amazing DVD and well worth watching. it has all of nightwish best and biggest song and Ghost love score is a pleasure to watch, with outstanding pyrotechincs and other special effects it is just amazing. The sound quality is really good and can almost hear what Tarja is singing and although what they speak is Finnish it doesn't really matter. Tarja, Tuomas, Emppu, jukka and Marco are all playing their best and singing their best. one of the best concert DVD i have ever seen. some the only problem i think is when Tarja sings Over the hills and Faraway its sounds really weird and not right but then i later found out its because she had a cold. But otherwise and really good DVD.
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