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5 Jan. 2008
Chapter XVI
Palidor decides that the only solution to Grand Star's energy crisis is to evacuate to a new station, but he throws the population into chaos by instituting a lottery to decide who will get to go and who will have to remain behind, facing a slow death.
12 Jan. 2008
Chapter XVII
Liam is worried that the Renewers plan to blow up the new station regardless of the risk to the lives of millions of innocent people. Meanwhile, Cal and his friends take over the radio station and broadcast the truth.
19 Jan. 2008
Chapter XVIII
Palidor learns of the existence of the Polar Station and its geothermal resources. He sends Damien and Cal to convince the people of Polar Station to share their energy.
26 Jan. 2008
Chapter XIX
While searching for the Polar Station with Cal, Damien is captured by the People of the Cold. But Cal learns more about his past.
2 Feb. 2008
Chapter XX
Damien threatens to destroy the Polar Station unless the populace agrees to a takeover. Suki tells the Council what life has become for a young person like her. Cal relates his personal experiences.
9 Feb. 2008
Chapter XXI
Cal discovers proof that his father is a Renewer, and suspects that this is what motivated Palidor to want him dead. Palidor, meanwhile, checks into the possibility of protecting himself by incorporating genes from the People of the Cold.
16 Feb. 2008
Chapter XXII
Damien is sent to capture a Person of the Cold for Palidor's gene transplant experiment. When Suki informs Cal that Liam is still alive, Cal and Kurt decide to try bribing a former Pointsman for more information.
23 Feb. 2008
Chapter XXIII
The drugs and heat affect Nara, prompting Kurt to move her to a cooler location in the underworld; news of Liam's disappearance impacts a Council meeting.
1 Mar. 2008
Chapter XXIV
Hamsun is arrested for having led Cal to his father's cell. Damien tells Suki his plans for Grand Star and offers to free Liam in exchange for her testimony about Palidor's mental illness.
8 Mar. 2008
Chapter XXV
Cal brings a vital chemical formula to the Renewers for their cannon, and in exchange asks for help freeing his father. Meanwhile, Palidor's leadership is challenged.
15 Mar. 2008
Chapter XXVI
Cal learns the full truth about his parentage. Despite the urgency of the situation, the Renewers debate when to fire the canon.

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