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Budget Does Not Have To Limit Quality
hackraytex19 January 2018
I was impressed by this movie. Being a resident of Texas, I have seen a lot of movies that were shot in Bracketttville and this is one of the best. I was attracted by some of the actors in it and was not disappointed. It was clear that they had a tight budget but they really delivered. It was not a Christian movie but there were a number of actors in it who do Christian movies and this one had some Christian elements in it but it was not preachy.It was very entertaining. A number of the actors have quite a lot of movies in their resume so there was a lot of experience and it showed.

I was once told there are only about eight basic plots that movies in existence that movies have to work with. ROTO did well with the story line and plot.

There was a clear subplot about breaking into a fortress to steal gold out of a safe locked within a maximum security cell. This was the objective of this movie and this subplot was also the motivation for a movie called "A Man Called Sledge" which was a very good spaghetti western made in 1971 with James Garner, Dennis Weaver, Claude Akins, and John Marley. What stood out about the connection as far as characters was that the Scotty character here was like the character played by John Marley. The two elements of this subplot did not end in the same way. This is not a criticism of ROTO because as I said, there are only about eight basic plots to make a movie from and they did very well with this one. It certainly was an easy credit for Lorenzo Lamas but he did well with his character. Good job everyone.
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