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Cannes 2017: who's in the running?

Screen investigates which films from around the world could launch on the Croisette, including on opening night.

With just over a month to go before the line-up for this year’s Cannes Film Festival is unveiled in Paris, Croisette predictions and wish lists are hitting the web thick and fast.

Screen’s network of correspondents and contributors around the world have been putting out feelers to get a sense of what might or might not make it to the Palais du Cinéma or one of the parallel sections.

Just like the Oscars, this year’s festival is likely to unfold amid a politically-charged atmosphere. Beyond Trump and the rise of populism across the globe, France will be digesting the result of its own presidential election on May 7. Against this background, the festival will be feting its 70th edition.

Below, Screen reveals which titles might - and might not - be in the running for a place at the
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Film festival picks of the week

Oddsac, London, Manchester & Leeds

How to follow up one of the best albums of last year? Rather than release another cryptically titled psychedelic odyssey, New York uber-hipsters Animal Collective have gone even further out and made a film. Well, actually it's a "visual album", made with long-time artist collaborator Danny Perez. Four years in the making, featuring completely new music, Oddsac is a narrative-free, head-spinning vortex of abstract kaleidoscopic trippiness that, as one fan puts it, "makes Matthew Barney look like Matthew McConaughey". Confused? Perez and the band will be on hand to explain themselves.

Ica, SE1, Thu; Mint Lounge, Manchester, Fri; Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, 15 May,

One Night In Turin, Nationwide

The summer blockbuster season is set to be called off for a few weeks this June while the World Cup hogs the nation's viewing attention instead. But to get us in the mood, and keep us in the cinema,
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Full Theatrical Trailer For Norwegian Drug Drama The Last Joint Venture

Yes, we’ve been looking forward to this one rather a lot, thanks in no small part to the acting one-two punch of Nicolai Cleve Broche and Kristoffer Joner - two of the very best the region has to offer - in the leads. Set in the end of the hippie era and based on a cult novel The Last Joint Venture casts Broche and Joner as a pair of stoner pot dealers swept up in the wave of harder drugs that burst on to the scene in the seventies. Here’s the synopsis:

“Paranoid is when you think someone’s following you, but if you know it, that’s different, right?” says Carl in The Last Joint Venture. The final strains of the hippie decade are fading, and the 80s are looming ahead. Carl (Kristoffer Joner) and Robert (Nicolai Cleve Broch) are two wasters who live in harmony with the world,
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