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10 Jan. 2008
The Better Man
Duncan goes out of his way to land Riko Mara as Reveal's agent spokes-model but finds that Terrance has bought up seats on the board of Reveal thwarting his plans. Brody and Janelle spice up their lives with alter egos. Cameron tells Duncan that Zack is not his son. Zack tries to win Duncan back by exposing Terrance's affair with a stripper but Duncan tells him he cannot trust him. Lisbeth and Terrance get married and Katie and James get together as a couple. Zack breaks into Duncan's apartment when he is at the wedding and drinks and takes tranquilizers and is found ...
17 Jan. 2008
Sex Be Not Proud
Zach is hospitalized at Bellevue after his suicide attempt. Reveal are at the center of a contaminated cosmetics scare and a prom event which drives Reveal's stock down. Duncan finds out that Terrance is buying up this stock when it dips. Duncan tells Lisbeth who doesn't believe him. James wants the office to know that he and Katie are an item but Katie wants to keep it secret. A co-worker Kevin finds out and tries to blackmail James. Marla confirms she is pregnant and lies to Karl that it is not his baby. Brody agrees to represent baseball star Gary Gregg but his ...
24 Jan. 2008
Who's the Boss?
Zack goes missing after killing Terrance and the police question Duncan over a taped conversation Zack had with him in Bellevue. Lisbeth assumes control over Reveal after Terrance leaves her his shares but Terrance's sister and Duncan's ex Victoria tells both of them she will be contesting the will. Janelle finds out about Brody's apartment and insists on being part of his other life. Katie and James decide they'd be better being a couple than not. Elsewhere, Marla and Karl tell Wendy that they had an affair and she kicks both of them out. They go to extreme lengths ...

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