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Not exactly a real ghost movie
ctomvelu127 July 2009
The ghost of her late boyfriend talks to Elizabeth Rohm's character through a video in this slow-moving cable movie. The boyfriend died in a car accident that may not have been an accident. Rohm's character is trying to piece together the story. Everyone thinks she's nuts, of course, and the cops think she may be responsible for his death. The movie plays out more like a soap opera episode than a ghost story, unfortunately. Rohm is just OK as the bereaved (and haunted) gal pal, and the rest of the cast is your standard generic TV-type cast. Devoted TV fans may recognize Stacey Dash playing a former girlfriend of the deceased. A truly decent character actress, Roma Maffia, is wasted as the detective on the case. The ending is a real howler, by the way.
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Terrible Movie - Awful Acting
badjuju_0026 March 2009
I caught this movie this morning and was shocked by how terrible the acting was. The plot was probably mediocre, but you'll have a hard time following it due to the poor acting, cheap imaging (ie: dead boyfriend), awful delivery (Elizabeth Rohm) and just another cheesy twist. Several times I had to look at the movie information just to verify this movie was not done in 1985. At some point during the movie, I zoned out wondering if actors could get paid for such a terrible movie.

I'm rating this movie a 3 because I just saw the worst movie ever, Vampire in Vegas and Ghost Image deserves a 3 because they did not blur images on clothing and spent more than $500 on location.
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Solid acting and great directing!
mmhilbert20038 December 2007
Although this is a low-budget film, one would never know it given such a good story with solid acting. You'll see a few familiar faces and a few news ones that play a convincing roll. I was impressed with the cinematography. Great cityscapes and good locations were chosen wisely. It is clear that the director of this film has a solid grasp of the important elements of making good films! Impressively, you won't find a cheesy 'canned' soundtrack either. The music fits nicely with the storyline. I couldn't find any flaws that often plague low-budget movies.

You'll want to check this out on DVD for sure. The special features are just one more nice bonus for a good film. It also includes a video for the ending song. What could be better ?! Overall a film worth seeing. I would highly recommend this film to anyone!
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Interesting little film
videooutakes15 June 2009
I just saw this movie on Showtime last night and found it interesting (not good or bad, just interesting). I became a fan of Elizabeth Rohm from watching endless reruns of Law and Order on TNT. So when I read that she was starring in this movie I had to see it. Rohm, I thought, gave a very good performance of a woman hanging on to her sanity. Was she seeing ghosts or was it all in her mind. The rest of the cast should have taken acting lessons, or just watch Rohm and they would have gotten it right. Roma Maffia is a better actress (see Nip/Tuck) than her performance in this movie. Overall, if you have nothing else to do watch this just for Rohm's acting. I hope producers will use her talents wisely in the future and not let her just fade away like many other good, now forgotten, actors have.
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Starts weakly, then loses its way
ghigau2 May 2009
After about 45 minutes of developing characters that we don't care about, the director, writer, and editor seem to run out of ideas. Lots of red herrings are set out. Then they tie it all together with some voice over and flashback. Rohm tries hard, and probably does what the director asks, but she comes out looking like a pretty bad actress. It is hard to tell if the problem is her or the outtakes. Each individual scene is decent, but linked together they are inconsistent and contradictory in tone and emotion. I finished with the feeling that this film could have been a lot better if the crew had worked a little harder.
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Oh, No they went there!
ourmenagerie24 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I am at a loss for words. All I can say is I will never get the hour 45 minutes that it took to watch the "movie" back in my life. Don't waste your money on the movie, the theme song was kind of catchy in an irritating sort of way. I have read other posts and I have to ask, were you watching the same movie that I just watched? Bad Writing, Bad Acting, Bad Music composition, just BAD in general.

I have to mention the Editor should be fired. He didn't catch the fact that in the scene where the Lead character "sees" her boyfriend in the party group setting. We were shown the video footage on the Monitor in the scene, that was supposed to be Shot with the boyfriend's video camera, but we could Clearly see the video camera on the tripod in the scene. What, did they add another camera at the party? Who was supposed to be holding it? The cinematographer really messed up on that one. There is no excuse for that stupidity.

By the way none of the acting was good except maybe Stacy Dash, but just barely. This is only because she was the only that didn't seem like she was on some kind of sedative.

Way too much time spent in needless conversation and when something "important" was mentioned, again the delivery made it so that it felt like it wasn't all that important. We guessed the ending to the movie about 30 minutes in and were correct. We didn't really need to watch the rest, but already had invested time. We felt we should let it play out to see if it got better. Spoiler it Didn't get better! Do Not Insult my intelligence by passing off the end of the movie as a resolution. It did not make any sense whatsoever, there was no cohesion. There was no Plot twist, for there to be a plot twist there has to be a plot. The plot was like warm Jello, don't bother touching it, you will only be disappointed, and it is messy.

I guess I wasn't at so much a loss for words. All I have to say is do not make a post about a movie, if you really didn't "watch" the movie, if you know what I mean.
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How about a little something for the effort!!
bobm550826 May 2009
Several other "reviewers" have mentioned how badly acted this movie was!? What?? Elisabeth Rohm, who has always been pretty stoic, and stunningly beautiful, really gives it a fabulous effort. She did 2 years of "Angel" and 5 years of "Law and Order" with basically a raised eyebrow and a blink of those incredible eyes. Here she makes up for lost time with as emotional a performance as you will ever see. She must have been an emotional wreck thru out the whole shooting of this. Watch it and you will know what I mean.

The movie itself and the other performances are OK. Psychological thrillers require a "suspension of belief", and the attempt at that and a kind of procedural police investigation, do not make for thrilling pacing. Slow, but well plotted (if you do the "suspension" thing), it makes for good viewing and a chance to see the "new", improved Elisabeth Rohm.
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Not bad, but not as good as it could have been
dbborroughs5 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Elisabeth Röhm stars in a film that can be clumped together with recent films from directors Johnnie To (Linger) and Tsui Hark (Missing). It concerns a woman who's boyfriend is killed in a car crash and who seems to be communicating with the man via a tape that he made the night before he died. Is it real or is she becoming more mentally unbalanced? Things become more complicated when the police discover that someone tampered with the break line of the car that the boyfriend was driving. Okay crime film with a supernatural twist is fine for what it is, but it never really makes you believe a great deal of what is going on. Part of the problem is the video effects aren't that good and part of the problem is the plot seems to get needlessly messy and layered for no real reason (do we really need some of the flashbacks?). Like the two director's I mentioned at the top the director of this film doesn't really seem to be able to bring together the real, unreal and the supernatural into a truly believable package. Its the sort of thing that if I told you what was going on you'd be fine with it but at the same time actually seeing it on the screen is bound to disappoint. On the plus side this is a much better film than either the aforementioned Linger and Missing and is actually worth seeing if you should run across it. I wouldn't say you should spend money on it, but if you run across the film on cable you won't feel you've wasted your time.
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feature-length soap opera
dbetzner1 July 2019
Soft focus flashbacks and all! the story is paper thin, theres no character development, and the acting is barely passable. better to keep up on your stories than burn an hour and a half here. why am i even writing this, im embarrassed to admit watching the whole thing.
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Ghosts in the Machine
sol-kay22 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** Somewhat over plotted film about communications with the dead involving film makers Jen Zellan, Elisabeth Rohm, and her departed from the scene boyfriend Wayne Monroe, Waylon Rayne. It was after a big party that the two attended that Jen had this strange dream of Wade making out with her friend and Wade's former girlfriend Stacey, Alicia Saunders! Wade didn't at all looked surprised in Jen finding him in such a compromising position and told her to wake up which in fact she did!

It' later that day that Jen is visited by detectives Amos & Childers, Roma Maffia & David E.Webb, who give her the bad news that Wade was killed in a car accident going to his and Jen's place of work! Shocked at the loss of Wade Jen reviewing a video he left for her just before he was killed notices that he's actually trying to not only get in contact with her from beyond the grave but also warning Jen about her life being in danger from the person who's responsible, by cutting his cars' break wires, for his murder!

Flipping out over what she saw on the video tape Jen's worst fears, that she's suppressed over the years, start to come to the surface to haunt her! The fact that when Jen was 12 years old she was responsible for the death, also in a car accident, of her entire family by trying to grab her kid sisters Susan's, Anamllse Basso, doll! That caused her father to lose control of the car and drive head first into an 18 wheeler killing himself Jen's mom and little Susan!

To bring Jen back to the real world there's also this big sinister looking man who's stalking her all throughout the movie! As we later see this guy was at the party that both Jen & Wade attended the night before Wade's tragic death! And on top of all that Wade unsuspectingly took a video of him and the guest of honor Missouri Senator Steve Berwinn, Patrick Stanley, taking what looks like a payoff from both Jen and Wade's friend at the party Stan, Joel Lewis! Was that,the video that Wade took,the reason Wade was murdered!

***SPOILERS*** The film has Jen slowly going out of her mind as she feels that her seeing Wade come to life,in her video editing machine, has something to do with the medication she's been on! It's only later when Wade proves to her satisfaction that he's, the guy on the TV screen, the real deal that really has Jen going over the deep end! All this weirdness on Jen's part has the police on the case, Amos & Childers, suspect that she in fact was the person responsible for Wade's murder!

It's only when to guy stalking Jan after clubbing her new boyfriend Tucker McSweeney, Matthew Del Negro, and attempting to murder her, whom Jen shot with Tucker's gun, was revealed that the police finally realized that she was in fact,in her own mind, was telling the truth! The big surprise came,like it usually does, at the end when Wade's killer came out of the shadows to finish Jen off, with a overdoes of barbiturates slipped into her wine glass, before she uncovered the truth!
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Solid Effort.
Baseballhead29 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Looks like it with filmed with a nothing budget in very little time, but the director did a nice job with what he had. Nice tension built throughout the film, and the mystery actually works for a while. Elisabeth Röhm does more acting here than she did in five years of Law & Order. The love story doesn't work, but I blame that on production value.


A movie with ghostly images really does need some production value; these look cheesy. Even allowing for the unbelievable, the "ghost images" the heroine sees are so unconvincing you never quite buy the ghost scares, and it absolutely quashes the love story.

One of the main story lines remains unresolved.

The "twist" at the end, that sucked.
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Good film
dawn-clover1 May 2011
I saw "Ghost Image" on TV expecting... well, nothing really. All I knew it was about a young woman whose boyfriend dies in a car crash and then starts receiving messages from him from an old recording ("White Noise" instantly came to mind, but it's very, very different).

What I got was a good, entertaining plot that, although not greatly original, works and flows great. Unfortunately there were no big surprises (at least for me, maybe because I'm way too used to watching these types of movies, but I figured it all out very early into the movie, and when I expected it turn around on me, it just did what I had imagined), but the acting is pretty good.

Music was OK, there were 1 or 2 songs that stood out for me, the rest just played together with the movie, without calling too much for attention. People can argue this is how a soundtrack should be, but I love when soundtracks also "call" for my attention, and when these songs fit perfectly with the scene, it's just movie magic happening. Unfortunately, this movie had none of these moments.

Photography was also OK, nothing too original or adventurous, but the plot didn't call much for that kind of photography as well. The editing falls under OK as well, I was a bit disappointed on how clear the image was when the boyfriend was talking through the video, but apart from that, there aren't any big visual effects or anything.

So, it's a good, entertaining movie you could watch on a Sunday afternoon / night, nothing more.

6 out of 10.
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Ghost Image is the Perfect Circle
darthimmortal15 September 2009
I saw this at a St. Louis film festival a few years ago and then saw it on the shelf at Blockbuster. So I rented it and was blown away with the special features which included deleted scenes, outtakes, a commentary track and a music video.

When I originally saw it I did not expect much from this film but the plot delivered, the acting was strong, and the editing was very good.

The director really knocked the ball out of the park!! Jack Snyder, an unknown, delivers tight scenes and a well constructed story.

Elizabeth and Stacey are incredible and sexy. Matt Del Negro is a hidden gem and delivers a very strong performance. Roma Maffia was also a surprise to see.

This movie is a perfect circle.
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Great Film!
edtaylor200011 April 2009
I caught this a few days ago on Showtime while flipping through the cable guide. I'm a fan of Elisabeth Rohm from her Law and Order days and a huge fan of Roma Maffia from the first time I saw her in Disclosure with Michael Douglas. I'd never heard of this film so I didn't know what to expect, but the opening scene hooked me right in and I immediately found myself engrossed in the story.

I thought all the characters were engaging and I became caught up in the various story lines and plot twists throughout. Elisabeth plays the main character, Jennifer, a complex woman both fragile and strong who's life is an endless series of tragedies. She's on psychiatric medication due to her feelings of guilt on being the only survivor of a car crash that killed the rest of her family when she was little. If that isn't bad enough, the morning after her and her boyfriend host a party she loses him in a car crash and then some really strange things start happening.

As you watch, you question many things such as is her boyfriend really communicating with her through video footage from the party or is it all in her head? Is her dead, bloody little sister really appearing to her or is that also in her head? Was her boyfriend's death really an accident? And if not, was she the intended target? And who is stalking her? As the homicide detective, played by Roma, begins to wonder if Jennifer is responsible for her boyfriend's death, Jennifer starts to wonder too!

Though I could tell this was a low-budget film due to the mostly TV-actor cast and the limited locations, I thought, for the most part, the acting was superb as was the writing and directing. And the cinematography and score were outstanding! As I watched the film I wondered how they were going to resolve the plot twists and, considering the setup and tragedies surrounding Jennifer's life, how it could possibly have a satisfying ending. But to my surprise I found the ending very satisfying and emotionally uplifting. Check it out, it'll be well worth it.
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