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  • Penny Peterson : I'm not Penny anymore. Now, I'm Princess Hatsheput, precious flower of the Nile.

    Mr. Peabody : "Precious," perhaps, but if you think we're going to leave you here, you are most definitely in "de-Nile."

    Sherman : [laughs]  I don't get it.

  • Sherman : I love you, Mr. Peabody.

    Mr. Peabody : [after momentarily searching the right answer for him]  for I have a deep regard for you as well, Sherman.

    [later on] 

    Mr. Peabody : I... I love you, Sherman.

    Sherman : [With a warm understanding smile]  I have a deep regard for you as well, Mr. Peabody.

  • Sherman : Now, can we have some cake?

    Marie Antoinette : Mais, oui.

    Sherman : Oh, yeah, sorry. heh. "May we" have some cake?

    Marie Antoinette : Mais, oui!

    Sherman : Maybe she can't hear me through the hair.

  • Mr. Peabody : Sherman, sit!

    Sherman : You can't talk to me like that. I'm not a dog.

    Mr. Peabody : What did you say?

    Sherman : I said, I'm not a dog!

    Mr. Peabody : You're right, Sherman, you're not. You're just a very bad boy!

  • Sherman : [as Peabody is being dragged into a wagon]  Wait! Give him another chance!

    Ms. Grunion : He's through with chances. Now, he has to pay for his mistakes.

    Sherman : But I'm the one who made all the mistakes. I'm the one who used the WABAC without permission. The only mistake Mr. Peabody ever made... was me.

    Mr. Peabody : [almost heartbroken]  Sherman.

    Ms. Grunion : You're absolutely right, Sherman. What kind of a father could this dog ever be to a boy?

    Sherman : Maybe you're right, Ms. Grunion. But there's one thing you haven't considered.

    Ms. Grunion : What's that?

    Sherman : [proudly]  I'm a dog, too! If being a dog means you're like Mr. Peabody, who never turns his back on you, and who's always there to pick you up when you fall, and loves you no matter how many times you mess up... if that's what it means to be a dog... then, yeah, I'm a dog, too!

    [Penny, her parents, and the historical people join Sherman's pledge, which deeply touches Peabody] 

  • [Mr. Peabody holds a baby Sherman in his hands] 

    Sherman : Da-da!

    Mr. Peabody : No, Sherman, not Da-da. You shall call me Mr. Peabody. Or, in less formal moments, simply Peabody.

    Sherman : Mepa Pea-baba?

    Mr. Peabody : That's right, Mr. Pea-baba.

  • Sherman : Oh, this water tastes terrible.

    Mr. Peabody : Interestingly, that's not water.

  • [King Tut arrives] 

    Sherman : Who's that, Mr. Peabody?

    Mr. Peabody : That, Sherman, is the living image of Amun, son of Akhenaten, lord of the 18th Dynasty of the New Kingdom, King Tutankhamun. Otherwise know as King Tut.

    Penny Peterson : My boyfriend.

    Sherman : King Tut is your boyfriend?

    Penny Peterson : Mm-hmm.

  • [Mr. Peabody & Sherman come across the booby trap in the Sphinx] 

    Mr. Peabody : Careful, Sherman... It's a booby trap.

    [Sherman laughs] 

    Mr. Peabody : What's so funny?

    Sherman : You said "booby"!

    [Peabody shakes his head in disgust] 

  • Mona Lisa : Leonardo, tell'a me one thing I have'a to smile about.

    Leonardo da Vinci : The sunshine, the pasta. All of the thing that make Italy such a popular tourist destination!

    Mona Lisa : But, I'a have not'a seen any of them, Leonardo! Because I am sitting here all'a day on my abbondanza!

    Sherman : I don't think that means "chair" in Italian.

  • [Sherman and Penny had a fight] 

    Mr. Peabody : What on earth provoked it?

    Sherman : She called me a dog.

    Mr. Peabody : Well, all right then. Thank you for telling me.

  • [from trailer] 

    Mr. Peabody : It seems we've ripped a hole in the space-time continuum...

    Sherman : Looks like the past is coming to us!

  • Sherman : Gimme a break! It's not like I want to hold her hand, or go to the park, or watch her while she's brushing her hair... or anything.

  • [people start coming to the present] 

    Leonardo da Vinci : [lands on the WABAC]  Hey, Peabody!

    Sherman : Looks like the past is coming to us.

    [Leonardo falls off] 

    Robespierre : [lands on the WABAC]  Oof! I will get you, dog! And your little boy, too!

    [falls off] 

    King Tut : [lands on the WABAC]  Penny! My bride!

    [Sherman uses windshield wipers to chuck Tut away; Penny looks lovingly at Sherman, while Mr. Peabody glares at him] 

    Sherman : What?

  • Sherman : The only mistake Mr. Peabody ever made... was me.

  • Mr. Peabody : Sherman, don't you remember why I told you to stay close to me during the French Revolution?

    Sherman : Because after the French Revolution, it was gonna rain?

    Mr. Peabody : Close. I said "After the French Revolution comes... the Reign of Terror!"

  • Mr. Peabody : So, what did you learn today, Sherman?

    Sherman : That the French Revolution was crazy.

    Mr. Peabody : How so?

    Sherman : All those guys getting their heads chopped off, and nobody standing up and saying it wasn't right.

    Mr. Peabody : And think, Marie Antoinette could have avoided the whole revolution if she'd simply issued an edict to distribute bread amongst the poor. But then, she couldn't have had her desert.

    Sherman : Why not, Mr. Peabody?

    Mr. Peabody : Because, Sherman, you can't have your cake and edict, too.

    Sherman : [laughs]  I don't get it.

  • [from trailer] 

    Mr. Peabody : You used the WABAC?

    Sherman : Yeah... she was into it.

  • Sherman : Where are we going today, Mr. Peabody?

    Mr. Peabody : Not "where," Sherman... "When."

  • Sherman : Who is he?

    Mr. Peabody : He is Ay.

    Sherman : He is you?

    Ay : I am Ay. The Grand Vizier.

  • Sherman : [repeated line]  I don't get it.

  • Sherman : Why not go to the future?

    Mr. Peabody : The future?

    Sherman : I've never been there before, so it's probably not as messed up.

  • Mr. Peabody : If I didn't know any better, Sherman, I wouldd say you were jealous.

    Sherman : Jealous? Of what?

    Mr. Peabody : Tut's affection for Penny, of course.

    Sherman : You think I *like* Penny?

    Mr. Peabody : Mm-hmm.

  • Leonardo da Vinci : Hey, look, Peabody! It's my flying machine! My flying machine?

    Mr. Peabody : Sherman. Sherman? Sherman, what are you doing up there?

    Sherman : I'm flying!

    Mr. Peabody : But, Sherman, you don't know how to fly!

    Sherman : I don't?

  • Penny Peterson : Here, Sherman! You fly it!

    Sherman : But, I don't want to fly!

    Penny Peterson : Sure you do! It'll be fun!

  • Penny Peterson : Sherman flew a plane. He was amazing!

    Mr. Peabody : Sherman destroyed a priceless historical artifact.

    Penny Peterson : Whatever. You should be happy. It turns out Sherman is not a complete and total loser, after all.

    Sherman : Yeah, Mr. Peabody. It turns out I'm not a complete and total loser, after all.

  • Sherman : I got an idea. Come on!

    Penny Peterson : Where are we gonna go?

    Sherman : We're going home. There's only one person who can help us and that's Mr. Peabody.

    Penny Peterson : What are you talking about? How is that even possible?

    Sherman : We've got a time machine, Penny! I can set it so that we'll get home when Mr. Peabody is still there.

    Penny Peterson : But I thought you're not supposed to go back to a time when you existed.

    Sherman : What choice do we have?

  • Sherman : He calls it the WABAC.

    Penny Peterson : So... where have you gone in it?

    Sherman : Not "where", Penny, "when."

  • Penny Peterson : Sherman? Sherman! Are you okay?

    Sherman : That was pretty fantastic!

  • Sherman : This is crazy!

    Penny Peterson : No it's not Sherman. It's fun!

  • King Tut : Would you like me to have them skinned, covered with honey, and laid in a pit of fire ants?

    Penny Peterson : [gasps]  You'd do that for me?

    King Tut : Anything, my desert flower. Consider it a wedding gift.

    Sherman : *What*? You can't marry this guy!

    Penny Peterson : Why not?

    Sherman : Well, for one, his name rhymes with "butt."

  • Sherman : Penny that whistle is my private property. Give it back!

    Penny Peterson : Jump doggy jump.

    Sherman : I am not a dog.

    Penny Peterson : Come on Sherman! Just admit it You're a dog. Say it.

    Sherman : Let me go!

    Penny Peterson : Not until you beg like a dog. Come on Sherman. Beg!

  • Mr. Peabody : Say hello to Penny, Sherman.

    Sherman : Hi, Penny.

    Penny Peterson : Hello, Sherman.

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